the approval matrix

The Enemy of My People Is My Friend

Photo: New York Magazine

Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable. Tap or click each image below to enlarge.

Photo: Getty Images (Trump, Adams, Menendez, subway, matter, SBF, Biden); BBC (Middleton)
Photo: Getty Images (Noten, Tetelman, court, eclipse, Strong); Liz Lauren (Stevens); Matthew Marks Galley (Wirsum)
Photo: Getty Images (asbestos, Meryl, Martin, Gigi, Bradley, Ginsburg, Rodrigo, Platt, Jenner, Odom); E! (sob)
Photo: 4 Proof Film (Jude); Columbia Records (Beyoncé); Getty Images (Simmons, Lil Nas, Crispo); Netflix (Girls5eva); FX (Shogun); Investigation Discovery (Quiet); Anti-Label (Waxahatchee)

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The Approval Matrix: The Enemy of My People Is My Friend