Blink and You Missed It

Bear-Market Black, ‘00-’03 (left) The Logo Bag, ‘00-’02 Photos: Everett Collection (bear market),
Courtesy of Gucci and Louis Vuitton (bags)

Whale Tails, ‘01-’07 (left) Saggy Jeans, ‘01-’07 Photos: Simon Battensby/Getty Images (whale tails),
Dirk Anschutz/Getty Images (saggy jeans)

The Shrunken Suit, ‘02-’08 (left) The Biker Bag, ‘02-’07 Photos: Getty Images (shrunken suit),
Phil Oh/Street Peeper (biker bag)

Uggs, ‘03-’06 (left) Teenage Truckers, ‘03-’06 All-Day Gymwear, ‘03-’06 Photos: Getty Images (Uggs),
Steve Granitz/WireImage (trucker)
Getty Images (gym clothes)

The Birkin Bag, ‘04-’07 (left) Affluent Hobos, ‘04-’07 Photos: Getty Images (hobo),
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic (Birkin)

Louboutin Rises, ‘04- (left) Chanel, Again, ‘04- Photos: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine (Louboutin),
Getty Images (Chanel)

Infantile Dresses, ‘05-’07 (left) Crocs For All Ages, ‘05-’08 Photos: Firstview (babydoll),
Cate Gillon/Getty Images (Crocs)

Solid Basics, Skeevy Ads, ‘05- (left) The New Logo Bag, ‘06-’07 Photos: Scott Olson/Getty Images (American Apparel),
Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine (bag)

The Hipster Uniform, ‘06- (left) Short Black Nails, ‘06-’08 Photos: Gregg Deguire/WireImage (nails),
Phil Oh/Street Peeper (hipster)

Skinny Jeans ‘07- (left) West Coast Flowy, ‘07 Photos: Getty Images (flowy),
Mr. Newton (skinny jeans)

Size Zero, ‘07- (left) Fur, Again, ‘07- Photos: Mr. Newton (fur),
Getty Images (zero)

Neon Revival, ‘08- (left) Centurion Footwear, ‘08-’09 Photos: Getty Images (gladiator),
FirstView (Neon)

The Man Skirt, ‘08 (left) Face-Hiding Glasses, ‘08- Photos: Katy Winn/Getty Images (man-skirt),
Getty Images (glasses)

Thigh-High Boots, ‘09- (left) Tough-Girl Chic, ‘09- Photos: Mr. Newton (boots),
Katy Winn/Getty Images (tough-girl)

The Michelle Belt, ‘09- (left) Fatigues, ‘09- Photos: Mr. Newton (fatigues),
Mark Wilson/Getty Images (belt)

Ripped Skinny Jeans, ‘09- (left) Pantslessness, ‘09- Photos: Mr. Newton (jeans),
Getty Images (pantslessness)

Blink and You Missed It