The Whitney Biennial 2006

The Biennial Question
Have the curators of this year’s Whitney Biennial finally figured out how to make the show matter?

10 Cute Biennial Art Stars
Get a glimpse of them now, while New York’s still the center of the universe.

Greatest Snits
Biennial stars (and detractors) of the past.

Who Are These People?
The art world’s JT LeRoys and odd collaborators say they’re subverting the system and examining identity issues. Is it just a coincidence that they get fabulous publicity too?

A ‘Bioterrorist’ at the Biennial
Steve Kurtz leaves his bacteria in Buffalo.Biennial Bonus
Smarten up before the Whitney’s survey: Three artists with a big presence in the show have solo shows before the opening. Art Lessons
Prep yourself at these events, and you’ll be ready with small talk when you try to chat someone up at the Biennial or the Armory Show.

The Whitney Biennial 2006