Last Chances: An Hour in Chelsea

1. Al Hansen

At Andrea Rosen; 525 W. 24th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 212-627-5450

Funky, Fluxus-era works made from Hershey wrappers, cigarette butts, and other detritus.

2. Tim Lee

At Cohan and Leslie; 138 Tenth Ave., nr. 19th St.; 212-206-8710

Videos that skillfully reference Bruce Nauman and Public Enemy, among others.

3. “Fallout: Cold War Culture”

At Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 534 W. 26th St., nr. Tenth Ave.; 212-744-7400

Art about espionage, surveillance, and rumor (including new work by Sam Durant and Adam McEwen).

Last Chances: An Hour in Chelsea