Photo Ops

1. “Diane Arbus–Helen Levitt: A Conversation”

At Laurence Miller Gallery

Paired images by the artists—one of Arbus’s nudist couples alongside Levitt’s fedora-clad pair, for example—allows these familiar images to recombine in unexpected ways.

2. Thomas Allen

At Foley Gallery

In Allen’s work, pulp novels—cut up, reconfigured, and photographed—become three-dimensional, playful still lifes, recalling pop-up books and View-Master reels.

3. “Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best”

At Edwynn Houk Gallery

Sixty years of black-and-white candids depict poignant moments from everyday life.

4. “Larry Silver: From the Medium to the Message, 1949–2006”

At Silverstein Photography

Silver’s early documentary work is juxtaposed here with his recent landscape portraits, which are manipulated by hand—crinkled, chemically treated, even stomped on—in the darkroom.

Photo Ops