Bright Young Things

1. Lisa Hoke, “Rhapsody of Chaos”

At Elizabeth Harris February 8 to March 10

A beautiful abstract: Vibrantly colored cubes constructed from multiple gels are suspended from the ceiling and spotlighted to create a little private aurora borealis.

2. Justin Lieberman, “Agency: Open House”

At Zach Feuer through February 24

In Lieberman’s mock advertising agency, ad slogans and catchphrases line the walls. Some are humorous (a VW slogan becomes an ad for Minnie Driver), whereas others have a definite ick factor (a National Peanut Board slogan intended to conjure up wholesome memories becomes a question about a rapist).

3. Anthony McCall: You and I, Horizontal (III)

At Sean Kelly through March 17

Rays of light are projected across the gallery, immersing the viewer in three-dimensional, ephemeral sculpture.

Bright Young Things