I’ve Seen These Before

1. Abraham Cruzvillegas

At Tilton through March 24

Cruzvillegas has created fifteen assemblages of material scavenged from New York streets— cut-down doors with working doorbells, for example—as a tribute to the manner in which his Mexican parents built their home.

2. Isa Genzken

At David Zwirner through March 17

A sea of empty wheelchairs draped with sleeping bags and disheveled dolls situated under dilapidated beach umbrellas makes for an unsettling, creepy after-the-battle scene—particularly the lone wire soldier toting a plastic gun.

3. Charles LeDray

At Sperone Westwater through March 24

Thirteen detailed sculptures that at first appear mundane— a heaping mountain of colorful coats strewn across an unmade bed, a catcher’s mask and chest protector dangling from a wooden hanger—play with size and scale, messing with your perception.

I’ve Seen These Before