Variations on a Theme

1. Notes On Utopia

At Maya Stendhal through April 28

A collection of widely disparate visions of an ideal world, from Duane Stapp’s reinterpretation of the American eagle to George Maciunas’s Atlas of Russian History, a 1953 work about the Bolshevik Revolution.

2. Pure

At Sean Kelly through April 28

An homage to all-white art kicks off with Marcel Duchamp’s Why Not Sneeze, Rrose Sélavy, and the Surrealists’ assemblage of 152 “sugar cubes” of white marble.

3. Just Kick It Till It Breaks

At The Kitchen through April 28

In this show about activism, Corey McCorkle’s silver-plated animal traps—the type manufactured by the peace-preaching Oneida community—have bite.

Variations on a Theme