Every Picture Tells a Story

1. Lisa Kereszi

At Yancey Richardson through May 5

Kereszi finds poignancy as she shoots venues meant to be places of fantasy and escape—strip joints, nightclub lounges, movie theaters—in all their real-life seediness.

2. Alison Brady

At Massimo Audiello through June 23

In one of Brady’s mysterious images, the pristine blonde curls of a girl lying in the dirt cascade from under a green suitcase. You, the viewer, bring your own narrative.

3. Kelli Connell

At Yossi Milo through June 2

Vibrant pics document an intimate relationship unfolding between two women—pre-kiss in a convertible, playing pool in a bar—but upon closer inspection, it’s the same model playing both of them, and the whole game is a comment on shifting identities.

Every Picture Tells a Story