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6 Story Building

This collection of seven one-acts is like a roller coaster-it starts out slow, maybe even dull, but then it builds and builds, and by the end, it's a good ride. The five talented actors play twenty different residents in six different apartments in one building. Even a dog and a cat have the chance to talk in The Hand That Feeds You, a gem of a play. Wendy Echols plays the morose kitty Phluphy to Sheila Murphy's yippy and rambunctious Phydeaux. Director Kevin Del Aguila gets right inside the animals' heads, and the actresses-coughing up hairballs all the while-are superb. Del Aguila saves his best play for last, though: Suite Harmony, in which a dinner party goes awry thanks to the hosts' tendency to break into choreographed musical numbers at the drop of a hat. The songs are ridiculous, the dancing is horrific, but the whole concept-and the execution-is hilarious. "They're weirdo show people," the female guest remarks. Isn't everyone at Fringe? -- ELLEN CARPENTER

The Brain Collection
Written and directed by Kevin Del Aguila.

Where: The Kraine, 85 E. 4th St.
When: 8/12 at 10:30pm, 8/19 at 4:45pm, 8/21 at 9:30pm, 8/24 at 7pm, 8/25 at 4:15pm.

August 9th through August 25th
Check or call 212-420-8877 for schedules, tickets, and information on how to volunteer in exchange for free tickets. Tickets are $12; all outdoor performances are free.

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