Where the Pros Go

Illustrations by Lyndon Hayes

Jonathan Franzen
“A couple years ago I stumbled across Logos. It’s easily overlooked or mistaken for a Christian outfit, but it had the Henry Fielding and Primo Levi I was needing that day.”

Jhumpa Lahiri
“I’ve already come to think of Greenlight as an extension of my home. Everyone knew Fort Greene needed a bookstore, but I don’t think anyone dreamed it would be as perfect a place as this.”

Colum McCann
“If I had to choose from

Jonathan Ames
BookCourt allowed me to have a professional knife-thrower, Throwdini, throw knives at me before a reading I gave last year. Not too many bookstores would have the guts to let an author possibly die on the premises.”

Sam Lipsyte
Book Culture is a browsing paradise, and on certain days (okay, most days), when my head is full of stale nonsense, a perfect place to hide and revive.”

Gary Shteyngart
“No matter where I move in the city, McNally Jackson seems to be right around the corner. It’s got the sweetest staff, and the selections are very tasty.”

Jacqueline Woodson
“Sadly, white-owned independent bookstores still seem to underrepresent authors of color. So I trek to Brownstone Books in Bed-Stuy, where I can find the latest book by David Benioff or Coe Booth.”(409 Lewis Ave., nr. Decatur St.;718-953-7328)

Nathaniel Rich
BookCourt is a fantasy of what an independent bookstore can be: friendly, well-lit, well-stocked, and filled with beautiful people wearing glasses.”

Where the Pros Go