Dancing on the Edge

1. Anna and the Annadroids: The Robots Dream Tour

Through August 20 at Dance New Amsterdam

Columbus, Ohio’s Anna Sullivan and her Anatomical Scenario Movement Theater present a flamboyant, multimedia look at “society’s indulgences and superficialities.”

2. “Requiem for New Orleans: A Hip Hop Eulogy”

Through August 20 at the Actors’ Playhouse

The Requiem Mass for the Dead meets a New Orleans jazz funeral in a post-Katrina hip-hop dance-theater work by North Carolina’s Twilight Repertory Company.

3. La Femme Est Morte

Through August 26 at Henry Street Settlement

Provocatively subtitled “Why I Should Not F%!# My Son,” a new adaptation of Phaedra by Shalimar Productions and choreographer Isis Masoud features a fierce boxing match, the paparazzi, and, obviously, lots of sexual tension.

Dancing on the Edge