Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought About TV on the Radio

“This is one of the most electric shows I’ve seen. I feel like all of Tunde’s energy is coming out his left arm. I worked on a film with him when he was an animator.”
—Currie Person, 28, film location manager

“The show rocked, but I wish the crowd would’ve rocked a little harder. I guess the demographic’s in their thirties, so they weren’t jumping up and down like they should’ve been.”
—E’alafio Terrell, 24, accountant

“You could tell the people who knew their albums ’cause they were so into it. I’m actually in the video for ‘Wolf Like Me’ as one of their crazy fans!”
—Linda Hsiao, 24, industrial designer

“The last two songs with all the people on the stage—it just speaks to how they still keep that energy of the jam session.”
—Toure Folkes, 29, filmmaker

“[Tunde]’s whistling and beatboxing, the chimes on the guitar—how many things can they bring to it?! The sound guy was bouncing in his booth he was so into it.”
—Michael Moravek, 33, actor

Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought About […]