Five Great Vega Songs That Aren’t “Luka” or “Tom’s Diner”

“The Queen and the Soldier”
The folkiest of all Vega songs, from her first, self-titled album. With this song, last year she became the first popular musician to perform live in an online 3-D world—appearing as an avatar named “Suzanne Vega.” YouTube it.

“Left of Center”
Sentimental favorite from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. Joe Jackson wrote the lyrics and accompanied Vega on piano.

“99.9° F”
The title track of the first album of Vega’s that was produced by Mitchell Froom, whom she married, had a daughter with, and eventually divorced. Call it techno-folk, surprisingly delightful.

“(I’ll Never Be) Your Maggie May”
A classic answer song: Vega turns the tables on Rod Stewart and writes from Maggie’s perspective. From the album Songs in Red and Gray.

A beautiful song about longing for … something. Food? Sex? From the album Nine Objects of Desire, it was also featured in several film soundtracks, including The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Closer.

Five Great Vega Songs That Aren’t “Luka” or “Tom’ […]