A Dubstep Sampler

Scenes from the third-anniversary party of Dub War. Top left: Skream, the English D.J. and "wobble" master. Photo: Michael Schmelling

Burial, “Untrue”
“Untrue” is the futuristic soundtrack of a city in decay, haunted by the ghosts of its rave past. The reclusive bedroom-producer Burial has created an opus in homage to the soul of urban London.

Matty G, “Take You Back”
Drawing inspiration from classic Cali hip-hop and hazy Left Coast jeep beats, this is the first truly American-sounding dubstep album: a B-Boy opus that begs to be bumped in the car with the subwoofers on blast.

2562, “Aerial”
Dutch artist 2562 pushes the boundaries of minimalism, communicating his fascination with the beauty of sound through rich, bubbling synth percolations. Equal parts physical and cerebral, this is a surprisingly soulful release.

The Bug, “London Zoo”
Militant dancehall futurism takes shape in the Bug’s opus of noisy, bass-drenched anthems for the headstrong. This is Jamaican dancehall transplanted to the sound systems of darkened rooms in South London.

A Dubstep Sampler