Michael Fuchs, 33, actor
I’d heard it was gory, but other than the cat’s brains pouring out, there really wasn’t that much. I liked The Pillowman better.

Dee Finley, 40, writer
That black humor—having grown up in an Irish family, it’s fun to laugh at my own culture. And at the whole misguided male-ding-dong aspect, this ego thing.

Julie Moses, “senior—almost,” artist
The last scene! I’ve never seen a scene like that! I never imagined they could do something like that onstage. It’s interesting, that’s all I’ll say.

Countess Zapak, “twentysomething,” singer
It’s fantastic. I wouldn’t know if the humor translates here—I’m not American.

Johnny Meltzer, 22, NYU dramatic-writing student
I like it. Some of the actors are doing a better job with the accent than others—it adds a lyric quality, and some are not fully coming across.

Pablo Tifino, 27, actor
McDonagh’s written a whole play around the death of a cat—really clever. I really enjoyed the torture scene. It was great, you know?

Atlantic Theater Company. March 9, 8 p.m.