August 12

Photographs by Kai Ma

“Absolutely stunning. Unbelievable. That guy in pajamas holding a teddy bear—he was doing acrobatic stuff, but with one arm!”
—Jason Pulido, 31, personal trainer; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“Ropes, muscular legs, women running around onstage, being tied up in a straitjacket…that’s kinda sexy. That’s kinda hot.”
—Rob Reinhardt, 32, finance; Manhattan

“I loved the roller skates, but I was sitting a few rows back. The people in the front row looked scared—it was a huge Elvis impersonator.”
—Joseph Mazzarelli, 25, assistant to handbag designer; Midtown

“I did not like the skates—I wasn’t here to feel uncomfortable. I liked the two women in the air—they were very in tune, and I didn’t feel like I was going to get hurt.”
— Joseph Cannon, 27, set designer; Boerum Hill

“[I loved] the stripper stuff. Because I’m a closet stripper.”
—Heather Pollard, 39, designer; Hoboken, N.J.