A Five-Minute Call for the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

No art form lives and dies by word of mouth quite like the Broadway show. A single bad review can end a run, yet a simple “I heard it was good” is often enough motivation to shell out $100 for a seat. And this fall, you’ve likely heard that quite a few shows are supposed to be good (as though any shows are not supposed to be good). But let the expectant beware! Your hopes may be high—but not too high, as they no doubt were for the new Philip Roth novel you’re now thinking about skipping. Or for the Mets’ playoff chances. Or the sight of Sir Ian McKellen as Lear, prancing about in the buff. Life may be full of disappointments, but just think: If you’d gone in expecting nothing, you likely would have been amazed.

A Five-Minute Call for the Undulating Curve of Sh […]