Orton’s Beach Boy: Chris Carmack

Photo: Clinton H. Wallace/Ipol/Globe

In his TV debut as Luke in The O.C. former Abercrombie & Fitch model Chris Carmack, 25, played Mischa Barton’s first boyfriend—and her mother’s booty call of choice. But now he stars as the object of Alec Baldwin’s advances in the Off Broadway production of Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr. Sloane. He spoke with Lori Fradkin.

What attracted to you to this play?
Well, first off, it was a play.

Were you familiar with the story?
I didn’t know anything about Orton, but I’ve had a real fun time exploring. It took me a minute to catch on, though. The first time I read Entertaining Mr. Sloane, I kind of went, “Huh?” And then I started reading it again, and I go, “Oh, it’s a comedy.”

You’ve played a lot of seductive characters, including this one …
What characters were seductive? Luke, like, got on his knees and begged, you know? The character I did on Related was very much about telling her she could take her time.

Well, girls lost their virginity to you on The O.C. and Related.
And Beach Girls.

Okay, so there’s a pattern.
There’s very much a pattern. I have played the one who takes the innocence away, but for this play, there is no innocence. There’s feigned innocence. Sloane is more interested in letting the other characters believe that they’re seducing him.

Are you worried you’ll always be known as “Luke from The O.C.”?
It’s not something that really concerns me. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of being Luke from The O.C.

Entertaining Mr. Sloane at the Roundabout Theatre Company Through May 21

Orton’s Beach Boy: Chris Carmack