We Asked, They Told

Do you watch Will & Grace?
Yes … 59
No … 22
Only if I stumble across it while channel-surfing19

Did you ever watch Will & Grace?
Yes … 79
No … 7
Only if I stumbled across it while channel-surfing14

Do you think the show had a positive impact for gay characters on TV?
Yes … 79
No … 13
Not sure … 8

Whom do you relate to the most?
Will … 36
Jack … 7
Karen … 34
Grace … 9
None of the above … 14

Whom would you rather sleep with?
Will … 72 (“Hello … Lawyer!”)
Jack … 11
Neither … 12
Both … 2
Karen … 1
“Grace’s husband, Harry Connick Jr.”1
“I wish Grace had a penis.”1

If you were writing the end of the show, what would it be?
“Grace ends up being gay.” “Will finds true love.” “Get Will and Jack together.”
“Grace is a man!” “Give a character HIV.” “It’s all been a dream Heath Ledger had while filming
Brokeback Mountain.” “Not a gay marriage.”

Who’s your favorite gay man on TV?
Vito from The Sopranos4
Jodie (Billy Crystal) from Soap5
Pedro from The Real World 6
David from Six Feet Under15
Samantha from Sex and the City20

Is there a gay character on TV whom you’ve found particularly inspiring?
“The women on The L Word.” “The blonde girl who left Law & Order.” “Xena.” “Ellen.” “Frasier.” “Jay from Project Runway.” “Uncle Arthur from Bewitched.

Could America trust a gay newscaster?
Yes … 44 (“Only if he’s doing the weather.”)
No … 17
Um, don’t we already have one?39

We Asked, They Told