From Script to Show


Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 Midwestern gal’s horrible New York living situation.
Bad Mom Grandma raising kids hands them back to Mom (Jenna Elfman).
Untitled Rick Dresser Project Adult siblings and their relationships.
Dealbreaker Based on the Tumblr blog.
Untitled Tim Allen Project Guy’s guy in female-dominated world.
Untitled Dave Walpert Project Brother-sister comedy in the vein of You Can Count On Me.
Untitled Miller Brothers & Wilmer Valderrama Project Latin pop star (Valderrama) discovers he has an 8-year-old son.
Untitled Andy Gordon Project Guy marries into overbearing family.
Man Up Guy fights for manhood in a world of women.
Good Guys, Bad Husbands Three men excel at work but create havoc at home.
Untitled Kang Kelly Project Married couple, seen through flashbacks, before and after kids.
My Formerly Hot Life Forty-year-old woman looks back at the good old days.
Long Flat Balls Friends road-trip to the World Cup. Based on the film.
Understanding Today’s Man Four men’s stories, narrated by the manliest man in the world.
The Girl Upstairs Hot twentysomething is neighbor to a guy she grew up with.
Lost and Found NYC party girl’s 18-year-old son turns up.
My Freakin’ Family Young parents deal with disparate grandparents.
Work It Out-of-work car salesmen dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps.
Counter Culture Based on the book about diner waitresses.
Untitled DeAnn Heline & Eileen Heisler Project TBD.
Sullivan’s Second Chance Adult siblings going through divorces move in with their parents.
Loser Prep Faculty and students at boarding school.
We’re Just Like You Only Prettier Southern sisters feel like outsiders.
How to Be a Better American Man attempts self-improvement after learning that everyone thinks he’s a jerk.
Kevin’s Life With Women Three sisters raise their kid brother after Mom dies.
Bingo Workplace comedy about an active-senior community.
Plan This Based on the life of L.A. party-planner Mindy Weiss.
Port Love TBD.
Untitled Damon Wayans & Don Reo Project Sitcom star’s TV family adores him; his real family thinks he’s an ass.
Untitled Tony Gama-Lobo & Rebecca May Project Sitcom set in the world of food trucks, based on Al Madrigal’s stand-up.
No Wonder My Parents Drank Based on Jay Mohr’s book.
Untitled Iain Morris & Damon Beesley Project Single dad moves in with Mom.
Untitled Jeff Bowen & Hunter Bell Project Brothers share an OB/GYN practice and a crazy mother.
Untitled Ben Karlin Project TBD.
Rollerworld Irreverent, smart young women are stuck in an economically depressed town.
Bad Taste in Men A hapless dating life; Jennifer Love Hewitt executive-produces.
Hate This Place Multigenerational comedy akin to Modern Family.
Untitled Annabel Oakes Project, a.k.a. Us Against the World Romantic comedy executive-produced by Teri Hatcher.
Sunnyside Adapted from a Swedish show about two couples new to the suburbs.
5 Wives, 3 Secretaries, and Me New York woman returns home to her multiply married Texas father.
Untitled Tommy Dewey & Greg Bratman Project Rich kid hires his not-rich best friend to work alongside him.
Change of Plans Based on Ryan Raddatz’s eccentric childhood, in which his dad ran a family business from their living room.
The Mulligans Widow’s friends move in, forming an unlikely family.
Home Invasion Hyperparenting couple’s plans are torpedoed by relatives.
The Cube Two mismatched cubicle-mates.
Untitled Mari Heller & Cailin Goldberg-Meehan Project Twentysomethings’ New York friendships all revolve around food.
Untitled Padma Lakshmi Project Female chef dumps philandering husband, takes over their business.
Untitled Christopher Moynihan Project, a.k.a. The Wades Blue-collar family moves into a great neighborhood.
Greener Two friends, single and married, envy each other.
The Manzianis Italian-American family moves into Waspy New Jersey neighborhood.
The Other Kennedys Family comedy about a couple with twelve kids, set in the eighties.
Untitled Erica Rivinoja Project Couple deals with two sets of in-laws.
Other People’s Kids Younger guy falls for older mom.
Untitled Ed Burns Project Working-class neighbors are thrown when alpha male moves in next door.
Untitled Kevin Hench Project Man’s man finds his adult son living in a world of Baby Björns.
Untitled Chrissy Pietrosh & Jessica Goldstein Project Female best friends work together.
Untitled Felica Henderson Project Female sports agent and attorney must take in nieces and nephews.
Cartoon Marriage Adventures of a married pair of New Yorker cartoonists; executive-produced by Jennifer Garner.
Joe American Joe Wong and his friends from ESL class pursue Americanness.
Untitled Rob Horn Project Comedy with musical element, about a woman who returns to her Texas family after failing at showbiz.
Tall and Greenbaum Adapted from an Israeli show about brothers who make wedding and bar mitzvah videos.
The Package Deal Man deals with his in-laws.
Boyfred Web designer whose girlfriend goes overseas creates a site so their friends can keep in touch.
Untitled DJ Nash Project Newlywed husband lives two days with his wife, five days with his single friends.
Awkward Family Photos Based on the website.
Mortified Based on the book.
Untitled Betsy Thomas Project Compares relationships when you are 22 and broke with those when you’re 32 and successful.
BILF True-life story about marrying best friend’s kid brother.
Brenda Tucker Quirky single-camera sitcom following a girl’s quest for love.
Smothered A couple and their in-laws; Marcia Gay Harden stars.
Suburgatory Single dad moves teen daughter from the city.
Awkward Situations Based on Danny Wallace’s book.


True Lies Adaptation of James Cameron’s film.
Once Upon a Time Woman is drawn into town where fairy tales and magic may be real.
Partners Two female cops are secretly sisters.
Revenge Soap set in the Hamptons.
Behind the Blue Family cop drama.
Crisis White House faces one global event per season.
The River Crew seeks missing adventurer in the Amazon.
Scandal Shonda Rimes drama about a crisis manager.
Human Alien being occupies a person’s body.
Long Gray Line Soap set at West Point.
MI-5 British adaptation about intelligence.
Monte Cristo Daughter of a Madoff-ish victim tries to get revenge.
No. 2 About the vice-president of the U.S.
Grace Dysfunctional family in the world of dance.
Good Christian Bitches Upscale Dallas life; Darren Star executive-produces.
Headhunter Executive recruiter’s life.
Untitled Jessica Goldberg Project Woman profiles victims to solve crimes.
Hallelujah Tennessee town in crisis; episodes include gospel choir. Marc Cherry executive-produces; Michael Apted directs.
Paradise Investigations P.I. in the Caribbean.
Untitled Josh Safran Project Takes people back to life-altering decisions, showing alternatives.
911 Operators Life-saving phone staff.
Born Blue A.I. cops.
The Box City-cops soap.
POV Disgraced law student does hidden-camera investigations.
Hall of Mirrors Spy show: Taken meets Bourne Identity.
Untitled Stephen Chbosky Project Mother-daughter attorneys.
Glimpse Procedural about a cop with amnesia.
Island of Women Soapy medical drama.
City of Night L.A. cops race to solve just-committed crimes.
Courtroom 302 Inside Cook County’s felony courthouse.
Identity Adaptation of British identity-theft drama. Angela Bassett stars.
Untitled Ken Solarz Project Female police commissioner in NYC.
The Man Dates Married male friends drowning in estrogen.
Oath ER surgeon involved with the Russian mob.
Afterwives Soap about the wives of white-collar criminals.
Ghostworld Couple can see future and supernatural worlds.
Inhuman Great criminals have been psychologically cloned; investigators must find them.
Untitled Firefighter Project TBD.
Hunter Gatherer Victimologist procecural.
In Crisis Woman whose story is a mess tries to fix strangers’ lives.
Life After Marriage Breakup and starting over.
Bastards Family soap.
Untitled Romeo & Juliet Project Shakespeare reimagined.
Los Roldan Man saves woman’s life; she hires him to run her company.
Untitled Peter Noah Project. Female lawyer.
Charlie’s Angels The trio returns.
Department Zero Counterterrorism unit.
Nannyland TBD.
The Prince of Tides Based on Pat Conroy’s novel.
Pan Am Glamorous sixties pilots and stews.
Perfect Crimes Vigilante female D.A.
Broome Procedural about a mom–homicide detective.
Edgar Floats Procedural in which lead character exists in two worlds.
I, P.I. Detective gets his moves from seventies TV shows.
Poe Procedural with stories and characters from Edgar Allan Poe.
Untitled Rina Mimoun Teachers Project Adult teachers.
Lost Girls Young women quit their jobs and travel.
Cult Thriller about a devoted TV audience.
Georgetown The O.C. in D.C.


Vince Uncensored Guy gets honest after a life-changing experience.
Two Broke Girls Pair of 22-year-olds in Brooklyn. Kat Dennings stars.
How to Be a Gentleman Two buddies, one uptight, one not.
Home Game Retired NFL player with wife and daughters.
Untitled Sports-Radio Show Based on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN program.
Untitled Andy Gordon Project Solitary bachelor marries into overbearing family.
To Protect and Serve Boston cop turns stay-at-home dad.
Untitled Bill Callahan Project Guy buys an apartment; neighbors become part of his life.
Untitled Les Firestein Project TBD.
Untitled Joe Port & Joe Wiseman Project Newly blended family includes adult children.
Untitled Tad Quill Project Single father reenters dating world.
Untitled Bill Kunstler Project Extended-family show about a father, his parents, and his siblings.
Untitled John Levenstein Project Family show with a Big Bang Theory quality.
Murses Two male nurses.
Untitled Demetri Martin Project TBD.
Untitled Leah Remini Project TBD.
Untitled Andy Breckman Project Dad has an active imagination.
Untitled Tim Carvell Project Relationship between a guy in his thirties and his sister in her twenties.
Roz American family held together by outspoken mother.
The Assistants A celebrity couple’s staff.
Don’t Tell Steve Twentysomething’s Twitter feed about his roommate.
Untitled Chad Kultgen Project Friends’ relationship changes with age and income.
Untitled Rob Schneider Project Longtime bachelor marries into Mexican-American family.
Significant Others Siblings and their partners.
Raising Men Based on A. J. Jacobs’s Esquire story about parenting boys.
Untitled Sherry Bilsing & Ellen Plummer Project TBD.
Big Boy Guy falls for a woman who has a son his age.
Outvoted Dad with wife and three daughters runs brewpub with his macho brother.
A Little Bit Married Couple trapped between wedded and single.
Second Wind Divorced guys have differing perspectives on singledom.
Untitled Jonathan Goldstein Project Young idealist works for his father-in-law’s company.
Adopted Family Man’s new wife has a daughter he didn’t know about.
The Mother of All Something Sarcastic mom’s Twitter feed; Jessica Alba produces.
Dear Girls Above Me Man writes annoyed letters to neighbors.
Lords of the Playground About a group of fathers.
Free Family life after kids head to college.
Untitled Matt Lawton Project Four very different men brought together by wives and kids.
Untitled Peter Knight Project Suburban dad with a garage band.
Untitled Peter Knight Project Office comedy at a venture-capital firm.
Untitled Jeff & Jackie Filgo Project Four generations of a blue-collar family.
Untitled Michelle Nadar Project Divorced mother moves in with gay friend, blending families.
True Adventures of a Terrible Dater Thirtysomething woman seeks love.
Zits Based on the comic strip.


Untitled Neil Tolkin Project Kung fu cop show.
History of Murder Professor of criminology helps NYC cops solve present-day crimes.
Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as woman on the run from the mob, posing as her twin.
The Pawn FBI agent seeks serial killer.
DC Law D.C. law.
Key Med Unorthodox doctors at Key West Hospital.
Med. Mal. The medical-legal world.
The Rainmaker Widowed prosecutor is also a single parent.
Untitled Larry Kaplow Project Time travel.
Untitled Jennifer Levin & Sherri Cooper Project Family medical show.
White-Collar Wives FBI unit investigates crimes.
Bronx D.A. Prosecutors at work.
Cross Roads Med-school classmates reunite at a hospital.
Mind Games Psychologist and cop start detective agency.
Runner One-woman witness-protection program.
Detail Procedural about a female private-security expert.
Treadstone Offshoot series based on Bourne novels.
Perfect Children Pediatricians at work.
Untitled Hanna Weg Project Medical arena.
Untitled Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia Project Time travel.
Untitled Frank Military Project Group of cops and A.D.A.’s.
Nature of Fire Three male firefighters, one female arson investigator.
Untitled Kam Miller Project Based on Charlaine Harris’s Harper Connelly mysteries, in which Harper speaks to the dead.
Garcia L.A. P.I.
Siringo Western detective drama.
Untitled A. M. Homes Project Family of New York doctors.
Untitled Ed Redlich & Becky Mode Project Family law.
Untitled Ed Redlich & John Bellucci Project Female NYPD detective has uncanny memory.
Untitled Susannah Grant Project Surgeon takes instruction from his dead ex-wife; Jonathan Demme directs.
Untitled Gary Lennon Project Female police chief in New Jersey.
Untitled Jamie Gorenberg Project Wrongly convicted woman becomes lawyer.
Rookies NYPD newbies. Robert De Niro executive-produces; Leelee Sobieski stars.
Hello Helena Doctor returns from refugee camp abroad to raise orphaned brother.
Lancaster Scotland Yard detective joins the LAPD.
Robbers Friends on the run from a Texas Ranger.
The Doctor Mother joins family medical practice, reconnects with her adult children.
Person of Interest Procedural about a presumed-dead ex-CIA agent and a billionaire. J. J. Abrams produces.
True Detectives Half-brothers fight crime in L.A.
Hail Mary Buddy-detective show in Atlanta.
Last Hope Two investigators help locate and reunite estranged people.


Family Album Dad uses high-tech to recount family moments.
Iceland Romantic comedy about friends after a loss.
The New Girl Zooey Deschanel, recently dumped, ends up with three male roommates.
Tagged Coroners’-office workplace comedy.
Untitled Josh Heald Project Everyone’s doomed to repeat high school.
Untitled Nick Bakay Project Man’s overbearing dad moves in with him.
Untitled Michelle Nader Project Friendly divorce.
Sunflower Ponds Weird brothers move into a perfect suburban neighborhood.
Red Roofs Boy bounces between divorced parents’ homes.
Flyin’ With Brian Animated show about a traveling salesman (Brian Regan).
Godparents Ill-prepared couple forced to raise kids.
Napoleon Dynamite Based on the movie. Animated.
Untitled Charlie Grandy Project Ensemble comedy about roommates.
Connected Families linked by their teens’ romance.
Untitled Zarqa Nawaz Project Multigenerational culture clash.
Family Vacation Dad tries to create perfect trip.
Untitled Kristin Schaal & Blomquist Project High-concept soapy Western.
Untitled Patton Oswalt & Scott Aukerman Project Patton Oswalt stars as a man whose wife of twenty years leaves.
Couch Quirky family finds new way to make ends meet.
Untitled Alex Borstein Project TBD.
Untitled Dottie Zicklin Project Unlikely friends get tangled in each other’s love lives.
Untitled JB Smoove Project Show centered around JB Smoove.
Untitled Daniel Talbert Project Loosely akin to Richard Pryor’s Bustin’ Loose.
Battleground Behind the scenes at a political campaign.
The Nest Divorced couple with kids shares a house.
Made in America Latino family in downtown L.A.
Untitled David Feeney Project Reclusive author opens his home to his estranged, extroverted sister and her children.
Untitled Gary Janetti Project Lives of cruise-ship entertainers.
Little Bitches Gang of middle-school girls.
Allen Gregory Seven-year-old socialite forced to attend public school. Animated.
Untitled Jason Mantzoukas Project Ensemble medical comedy.
Untitled Jhoni Marchinko Project Thirty-year-old woman tries to be less screwed up.
Untitled Craig Wright Project Comedy set in a pediatrics office.
Rules for My Unborn Son Fatherly advice.
Outnumbered Based on a British series: Hapless parents with three precocious, rambunctious kids.
Little Brother Ex-con moves in with levelheaded sibling.
Quitters Drifter returns home for father’s funeral, decides to settle down.
Untitled Christopher Titus Project Life after failed marriage.
Untitled Adam Resnick Project Estranged sisters inherit a portrait studio, must work together.
Untitled Jamie Foxx Sketch Show Multiethnic comedy.
Untitled John Hamburg Project Father and son both divorce and move in together.
Anthem Four friends reunite to recapture their glory days.
Untitled Jennifer Love Hewitt Project Romantic comedy about a rocket scientist.
Untitled Sahgal & Kirschenbaum Project About America’s love affair with pets.
Untitled Sara Endsley Project Young woman tries to move forward as her divorced parents regress.
Weekly World News Life at the bizarre tabloid.
Dan & Becs Adapted from an Irish series: Couple’s relationship is seen through video diaries.
Stanley Park Dramedy about young friends during a life-changing period.
Untitled Mike Armstrong Project Difficult kid, now grown up, returns to Boston to raise a family.
Jake Steinfeld TBD.
Untitled Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley Project Fifties family travels to present day.
8 Months, 3 Days The girl who got away moves in down the hall.
Council of Dads Dying man enlists five friends to advise his kids.
Untitled Josh Faure-Brac Project SoCal family story.
Texts From Last Night Based on the website.
Breaking In Workplace comedy set at a digital-security firm.
Good Female best friends, one lesbian, live together and run a nonprofit.
Untitled Medical Examiner Project Workplace comedy about a coroner’s office.
Untitled Phil Rosenthal Project A monkey in a retirement village.
Untitled Bob Nickman Project Couple takes over an inn, inherits staff.
I Hate My Teenage Daughter Two moms with mean-girl children.
Untitled Eric Kaplan Project Cerebral guy marries Romanian girl, deals with her crazy family.
Little in Common Families are united through their kids’ sports.
The Breadwinner Romantic comedy about a woman who outearns her husband.
Untitled Ben Wexler Project Thirtysomething family man returns to his childhood neighborhood.
Fail Siblings are beaten down by life as their father narrates from beyond the grave.
Medical Center Hospital comedy.


Exit Strategy CIA unit specializes in high-risk rescues.
Finder Military-trained finder of lost people and things in the Florida Keys.
Touch Autistic boy can predict the future.
Breakshot The life of drug lord turned FBI informant Kenji Gallo.
Billy Stiles Former gang kid becomes a cop while keeping his old ties; Denzel Washington executive-produces.
Weekends at Bellevue Med school and residency.
Camp Freaks and Geeks at summer camp.
Magical Law Legal-supernatural procedural.
Out From Under Undercover cop resurfaces.
Untitled Justin Zackham Project The lives of border agents.
Untitled Matt Cook Project Man goes undercover to save his brother.
Untitled Rick Eid Project Ambitious D.A. is aided by a ghost.
Worthy Young candidate for governor is indebted to the mob.
Untitled Cynthia Cidre Project Sleuthing physician.
Black Chapter CIA unit uses paranormal means.
Two for the Road Modern-day Thelma & Louise.
Untitled Gina Fattore Project Bizarre psychiatric cases revealed.
Untitled Stephen Gaghan Project TBD.
You Can’t Love One of Them All in the Family meets Grey’s Anatomy.
Locke & Key Woman and three children live in a mysterious mansion with transformative keys hidden in its walls; executive-produced by Steven Spielberg.
Untitled David Hollander Project Alternative medicine meets traditional in experimental hospital.
Untitled David Hubbard Project Prosecutor finds herself caught between two realities.
How the Other Half Hamptons Summer shares.
Legally Bound Rival sisters at a law firm.
Unknown Man on a journey to discover who he really is.
5150 Procedural pairs clinical psychologist with street cop.
The Detail Revenge of the Nerds meets Ocean’s Eleven.
Memory Lane Dark soap about five neighbor families affected by one crime.
Untitled Glen Mazzara Project Medical show with organized-crime twist.
Lawyers for Less Street lawyers.
Hitch Based on the Will Smith movie.
Smokers Alien exterminators in space.
Mavericks Point Break meets The Fast and the Furious.
Alcatraz Missing prisoners reappear after 30 years.
True North Treasure hunters.
The Ring Family soap set in the diamond industry.


Bent Romantic comedy about a type A single mom and her hunky contractor.
Family Practice Young doc joins his parents’ practice.
Up All Night Unlikely mother (Christina Applegate) and stay-at-home husband.
I Hate That I Love You Romantic comedy with lesbian couple; Nicole Holofcener directs.
Best Friends Forever Couple takes in pushy best friend after divorce.
Lovelives The challenges of love and infidelity.
Untitled Bob Kushell Project Woman learns that her deceased husband had a girlfriend and son.
Consulting Adults Sexually charged adult-workplace comedy.
Untitled Bruce Eric Kaplan Project Three very different women have grown close after being neighbors for decades; executive-produced by Ron Howard.
Untitled Jeff Lowell Project Romantic comedy uses a peep-show-like device to explore the life of a New York couple.
Join the Club Three guys find the friendship they’ve always longed for.
Untitled Michael Arnold Project TBD.
Mayors of Casterbridge Established neighborhood threatened by young upstart; Ryan Reynolds produces.
Man of the House Mr. Mom comedy.
Several Children Young husband, two kids, a roommate, and a maniac housekeeper struggle to control their household.
The New World Quirky co-workers at a historical-reenactment theme park.
Untitled Denise Moss Project Mom comes out; husband and grown kids react.
Alternative Family Woman and her two gay male best friends raise a baby.
Still Not Married Ensemble about being a single man at 40.
My Life As an Experiment Immersion journalist’s projects affect his family life.
Beverly Hills Pediatrics Doctor’s-office ensemble comedy.
Sandwiched New dad deals with his larger-than-life mother.
Untitled Joe Keenan Project Ex-spouses are best friends now that the husband’s out of the closet.
Party People About children’s-party performers.
Untitled Mikey Day Project TBD.
Untitled Marc Buckland Project TBD.
How Not to Live Your Life Neurotic 29-year-old has terrible instincts; based on a British series.
Untitled Peter Murrieta Project TBD.
Brothers Three brothers, three moms, one dad.
Sausagefest Norm Macdonald plays a misogynistic divorcé.
Untitled Rob Cohen Project Childhood buddies meet up again with all their lives in ruins and move in together.
Falling Apart in One Piece Woman is surprised when her husband wants a divorce.
Untitled Andrea Abbate Project Divorced couple, their two sons, and their blended families.
Guardians Angels pose as Starbucks baristas to help customers.
Sellevision Workplace comedy set at a cable-TV shopping network.
Untitled Joe Lawson Project TBD.
Free Agents Recently divorced talent agent’s romantic life; based on a British series.
Switched Babies swapped at birth are raised in neighboring towns.
Untitled Rob Roy Thomas Project Kids who refuse to be parented.
Untitled Dave Holden Project Best-friend roommates—one gay, one straight—have their lives upended when one of their mothers moves in post-divorce.
Inbetween Days Wonder Years–type show, set in 1982.
Untitled Lucy Dahl Project Blended family with seven kids.
Untitled David Mazer Project TBD.
Untitled Dan & Sue Paige TBD.
Untitled Mo Mandel Project Meteor is headed for Earth.
Untitled Chris Pappas & Mike Bernier Project TBD.
Untitled Dan Sterling Project Updated All in the Family.
Emerald City Group of New York twentysomethings, each a character from The Wizard of Oz.
The Happiness Project Woman seeks happiness via self-help literature from Oprah to the ancient Greeks.
Whitney Whitney Cummings vehicle.
Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea Chelsea Handler vehicle.
Help Wanted Woman helps people transition between jobs.
Temp Recent college grads take oddball jobs to make ends meet.
Don’t Tell Her I Said This Female best friends deal with life in a vérité Curb Your Enthusiasm–style comedy.


Untitled Phil Levin Project Bioengineering and biogenetics expert becomes unlikely test subject.
Smash Glee for adults, about creating a Broadway musical; Steven Spielberg executive-produces.
A Mann’s World The life of a celebrity hairstylist in L.A.
Wonder Woman David E. Kelley’s reboot.
S.I.L.A. Set in the world of politics, law, and crime.
REM Procedural hybrid about a detective leading parallel lives.
Reconstruction After the Civil War, a soldier settles down.
SFX Special-effects house works with the CIA to solve crimes.
Untitled Baitz Project TBD.
Untitled Bryan Fuller Project Modern-day version of The Munsters.
Untitled Jonathan Abrams Project Inside a Facebook-like company.
Untitled Hank Chilton Project A slacker lawyer in Venice.
Untitled Ron Shelton Project Sports reporter.
1-800-AUTOPSY Former medical examiner in L.A. starts up a private postmortem business.
Legends CIA operative specializes in false identities.
Untitled Michael Green Project Cops use artificial intelligence.
Echelon Top-secret program captures virtually all data for government analysis.
87th Precinct Police procedural.
Mission to Mars NASA-like agency plans the trip.
Emily Swan Southern female lawyers.
Untitled Mark Frost Project Cop with artificial intelligence.
Untitled Yahlin Chang Project Pride & Prejudice set in the New York legal world.
Dirty Girls Club Based on the book. Executive-produced by George Lopez.
The Blues Psychologist joins the Philadelphia P.D.
The Eulogist Woman in her twenties moves home to write eulogies.
Untitled Doris Egan Project TBD.
Untitled George Gallo Project Psychiatrist treats unique mental afflictions.
Bohemian Rhapsody Inside the music business.
Ritual Crime Unit Paranormal-crime investigators.
The Fixer Lawyer knows everyone, can fix anything, and has the most fascinating clients in the world.
Love Sick Medical drama centered on four sisters.
Untitled Dario Scardapane Project Miami cop show.
Untitled Peter Elkoff Project Female FBI agent goes undercover to sting a Madoff-like family.
The Rockford Files Seventies private-eye show returns. Steve Carell executive-produces.
Untitled Jennifer Salt Project Soap about celebrity chefs and food culture.
S.A.N.D. Men Inception-like show about dreams.
Vines Horror show set at a winery.
Nine Lives Supernatural thriller about people who’ve had near-death experiences.
Untitled Craig Wright Project Political campaigners.
Untitled Queller Project The personalities behind an Oprah-style TV show.
Prime Suspect Based on the British hit.
Grimm Fairytales meet cops.
The Other Brother Fired 29-year-old attorney moves in with his disapproving mother.
Chemistry Pride and Prejudice with a female psychiatrist and an older cop.
Playboy Sixties clubs, their patrons, and their Bunnies.
The Dark Tower Based on Stephen King’s novels. King executive-produces.
Americano Border-town soap.
Untitled Young Turks Project Twentysomething congressman runs for his dead father’s spot. John Romano and Joe Scarborough executive-produce.
Untitled Noah Oppenheim Project Doctors fighting “incurable” diseases.
17th Precinct Police procedural where magic rules.
Untitled Robert Rovner Project Coroner who switches to work with living patients.
Untitled Ed Napier Project Robin Hood character in a hospital.
The Education of Michael Chance Family soap.
Echoes Young woman, when touching an object, experiences the thoughts of people who have touched it before.
The Square Soap about a neighborhood with race issues.
Odd Jobs Retired special-ops agents travel the country, helping people in need. J. J. Abrams executive-produces.
Ghost Angeles Young L.A. woman realizes that she can talk to the dead.
Zombies vs. Vampires Humans, zombies, and vampires all co-exist.

The Likeliest Pickups

Good Christian Bitches
Charlie’s Angels
Untitled Tim Allen Project

Smash Prime Suspect

Untitled Susannah
Grant Project
Person of Interest

The New Girl
I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Stars Hoping for a New Gig

Anjelica Huston

Up All Night:
Christina Applegate

Pan Am:

The New Girl:
Zooey Deschanel

Websites That Became Scripts


Awkward Family Photos

Texts from Last Night

Supernatural Sells!
Scripts incorporating the following elements were all bought:

Cloned Notorious CriminalsFrom History
Talking to the Dead
Real-Life Fairytales
Near-Death Experiences
A Modern-Day Version of the Munsters

Five Scripts bought by ABC are about manly guys befuddled by the contemporary world of women.

Of the 429 Scripts Sold
59 are about cops and/or private eyes
24 are medical dramas
3 are musicals

Familiar Name, New Pitch

The Prince of Tides
Charlie’s Angels
Weekly World News
Prime Suspect
Napoleon Dynamite
Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea
Wonder Woman

From Script to Show