Aaron Rasmussen

  1. Who Can Update My Fur Coat?My mother gave me one of her best furs, but it’s a little too Dynasty for my taste. Is it possible to alter the style without ruining it?
  2. I’m Looking for Custom-Made GlovesI’m having trouble finding gloves that fit me like – well, you know. Do any shops custom-make them?
  3. I Need a Crash Course in Fine DiningMy girlfriend’s into fancy dining: caviar, fine wines, that sort of thing. I’m more of a pizza guy. Where can I learn to keep up wit […]
  4. I Need Bachelorette Party IdeasQ: I’m throwing a bachelorette party, and we’re really not the Chippendale’s types. Any suggestions?
  5. I Need a Biography-worthy VideographerWe want to tell our grandmother’s amazing life story on video for her 100th-birthday party. Where do we turn for help?
  6. I Need a Furniture Fixer Who Makes House CallsMy antique credenza has an ugly gouge, but I don’t want to drag it down the steps to a refinisher—does anyone make house calls?
  7. Who Can Copy My Frames?I love my vintage cat-eye eyeglasses, but they’re just too fragile for everyday wear. Can someone reproduce the frames for me?
  8. I Need a Leather Specialist!Q: I have some leather and suede skirts that need altering. Where can I find a specialist? —Collette Karmily, Manhattan
  9. Who Can Personalize My Jeans?I like those monogrammed jeans Madonna wears in the Gap’s ad campaign – who can stitch my initials on my back pocket?
  10. My Fave Lipstick Has Been Discontinued. Who Can Copy It?Q: My favorite lipstick was discontinued—is there any place that can mix me the same shade?
  11. Who Can Make A Copy of My Fave Dress?Q: My favorite dress is wearing out—who can make me an exact copy?
  12. Where Can I Get My Mirror Re-Silvered?I just bought an antique mirror, but the reflective surface is blotchy. I know it used to be possible to have a mirror re-silvered – does anyon […]
  13. Where Can I find a One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring for My Bride?I want my bride to have an engagement ring like no other. Where can I get my own design rendered in platinum and diamonds?
  14. Latin LoverI’m about to get married, and my bride’s family speaks mostly Spanish. Where can I take a crash course to impress them?