Aaron Short

  1. climate change
    Scenes from Ida’s Chaotic, Tragic Night in New York CityThe bus driver stuck in raw sewage, a delivery worker who biked through a foot of water, and other stories from the flood.
  2. high times
    The Complete Guide to Legal Weed in New YorkWhere to smoke, how to buy, and more.
  3. covid-19
    Lights, Camera, Testing! What It’s Like to Swab the StarsEntrepreneurs race from set to set, turning snot into gold.
  4. unhappy holidays
    Why Does It Take Hours to Get a COVID Test in New York?The hottest item in town may be a cotton swab that goes up the nose.
  5. coronavirus
    A Week With the Coronavirus: ‘We Knew It Wasn’t the Flu’An independent book publicist shares what it’s been like for him and his husband since they both came down with a case of COVID-19.