Abby Tegnelia

  1. Waterfront Watering HolesWhere to order sea breezes by the sea, or at least by the harbor: five places to toss back a few while watching the boats and taking in the (eve […]
  2. July 4 BlastsFireworks, sure – we all like fireworks. But there are smarter ways to spend the evening than navigating a crush of thousands on the FDR Drive.
  3. A Breed ApartNew York’s veterinary specialists are top dogs in everything from oncology to acupuncture. Here are the best 27 doctors to call for more than ju […]
  4. Ho Ho-HumYes, Virginia, there is no corporate Santa Claus this year – which means no free cocktails and trays of hors d’oeuvre for a thirsty and hungry […]
  5. Bar NoneAfter the attacks, ground zero acquired its own Manhattan-style exclusivity – unless you were James Gandolfini (or Jacques Chirac), there was n […]
  6. Self-DefensePretzel Warriors
  7. Let’s Stay TogetherAnxious to keep their best tenants, high-end landlords are resorting to a desperate measure: being nice.
  8. Real Estate 2001: Neighborhood ProfilesHarlem
  9. Real Estate 2001: Neighborhood ProfilesUpper Upper West Side