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  1. science of us
    What We Mean When We Say Marriage Is ‘Work’Talking to clinical psychologist Daphne de Marneffe about her new book, The Rough Patch.
  2. new york beginnings
    The Birthplace of American VintageHow East Village shop Limbo made secondhand clothes cool.
  3. first person
    Vintage Shopping Isn’t What It Used to BeBut there’s one place where I can always find just what I need.
  4. q&a
    The Abortion Victory No One’s Talking AboutLawyer Richard Hearn explains what his recent Ninth Circuit win means for abortion access.
  5. friends forever
    The Secret to Staying Friends in Your 30sIn praise of the high-speed micro-hang.
  6. 43 Minutes With Margaret ChoA discussion of the meaning of Jersey Shore and nonmonogamy in the comedienne’s hotel room.
  7. the vulture transcript
    Margaret Cho on Jersey Shore“The Situation is kind of like Icarus. He’s going to fly too close to the sun and his abs are going to get burnt.”
  8. fashion on film
    The Seventeen Films That Shaped Tim Gunn“Here are some fashion-forward films that I find myself going back to again and again.”
  9. Pop Culture Is Still PopularWhy the niche will never triumph, and mass culture will always march on.
  10. Pack Up Your Pasties: Soon There May Be No Mo Pitkin’sL.E.S. weirdo performance space turns out to be less durable than Sardi’s.
  11. Steel MagnoliasYou can practically see the deep-fried halos appearing over the six exemplars of southern womanhood as they wash each other’s hair, gossip vicio […]
  12. This Is How It GoesAll that’s missing is a carny out in front of the Public Theater screaming, “Mothers, shield your children! Gentlemen, if you have a heart condi […]
  13. All Shook UpIf Elvis impersonators had a union, do you suppose this latest incarnation of the “jukebox musical” could have been prevented?
  14. A ‘Glass’ Half FullOddly cast and irritatingly staged, this Glass Menagerie displays a few cracks—but it’s hard to damage such a great play.
  15. After AshleyIt’s liable to appeal to today’s moodier teen far more than Rent.
  16. Shockhead PeterYou know you’re in a world-class city when there are two shows running simultaneously in which puppets deliver lessons in Schadenfreude.
  17. The Last Days of Judas IscariotA wildly ambitious, era-melding show about a trial in purgatory, at which fifteen actors play roughly twice as many characters from biblical tim […]
  18. Company ManOnscreen, he’s the perfect actor’s actor. But behind the scenes, Philip Seymour Hoffman keeps busy saving Off–Off Broadway.
  19. ‘Avenue Q’ Took the Tony and Ran.A star of the hit musical talks about stealing the award, hightailing it to Vegas, and changing the Broadway business model.
  20. Modern OrthodoxJason Biggs’s contract must require him to simulate sex whenever he appears, even in a role calling for a Yankees yarmulke.
  21. 700 SundaysOscar viewers will be relieved to know that Billy Crystal’s lucrative new solo show is better than his recent award-hosting stints
  22. The Baltimore WaltzDenial, anger, depression, and the rest of the cards in death expert Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s deck are dealt out in sequence by Kristen Johnston’ […]
  23. Belle EpoqueThe playwrights have certainly met quota in their perverse biographical work about Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s syphilitic final days in Montmartre.
  24. A Second Hand MemoryIn Woody Allen’s latest theatrical foray, a fifties Brooklyn family squabbles over obligation, money, and the incompatibility of love and marriage.
  25. Eve Ensler Should Be My Hero.She’s a sexually frank female performer who’s used her phenomenal mainstream popularity to help women around the world. So why does she drive me […]
  26. People Are Wrong!David Herskovits’ winning ADD-ish direction and an enthusiastic ensemble give the show a kooky charm.
  27. Sailor’s Song Danny and the Deep Blue SeaPurely by kismet, John Patrick Shanley has three shows up this month, two of which have just opened.
  28. Laugh WhoreIf you hadn’t figured out who the audience was for Mario Cantone’s one-man Broadway show, the impersonation requests would have tipped you off.
  29. Dirty TricksWatergate whistle-blower Martha “Mouth of the South” Mitchell, wife of Nixon attorney general John Mitchell, is the subject Dirty Tricks.
  30. Sam Shepard, the Silent TypeYou’re appearing in Caryl Churchill’s A Number. What attracted you to her work? Well, it’s kind of hard to say. I encountered the play in Aust […]
  31. Bryony Lavery And John Patrick Shanley Dish About Religion.He’s a combative guy’s guy from the Bronx. She’s a polite British divorcée who came out as a lesbian late in life.
  32. Neil LaBute’s Nastygram From Boys’ Town“I think if women actually had a sense of what we are, they would run screaming,” says Neil LaBute. The playwright has been churning out clean-c […]
  33. Did You Hear The One About The @&%#! Comic?By sinking to new lows, comedy in New York is rising.
  34. Roman GoddessBeauty is the subject of Terrence McNally’s new Off Broadway plays, so who better to star than Isabella Rossellini?
  35. Star CrossedPutting a Nicole or Melanie on Broadway was once a sure bet. This season, it’s curtains.
  36. Holiday ShowsNaughty and Nice: Circus Clowns, Jazz Singers, Dancing Girls …
  37. Open FawcettFarrah spouts off about her Broadway un-debut.
  38. Her Kind of TownJennifer Westfeldt—of Kissing Jessica Stein fame—makes her Broadway debut in the old-fashioned (but feminist!) Wonderful T […]
  39. Record PerformanceOn a typical Sunday at Footlight Records, you’ll see hipsters snatching up Italian lounge CDs, hip-hop artists trolling for new beats among the […]
  40. I’m Kicking As Fast As I Can!Camel dung! Hitler on heels! An ex-Rockette tells all.
  41. Voice LessonWith Ethan Hawke by her side, Broadway’s Audra McDonald tackles her first nonsinging part in Henry IV.
  42. The Pool ManAfter wowing the West End and West Coast with his forceful intensity, British actor Ben Chaplin is now coming to a theater near you.
  43. Prima DonnaRenée Fleming opens the Met’s season as Violetta in La Traviata—a tough role she backed out of twice but is now ready to […]
  44. Painting for His SupperA Warholian street artist stokes celeb chefs’ egos. “I was just so flattered!” says Rocco.
  45. Talkin’ ‘Bout Politics!Would-be California governor Gary Coleman on Arnie, Arianna, and Avenue Q.
  46. Miller’s TimeOnce-tortured rocker Rhett Miller has a new solo project—and (what’s this?!) it’s filled with extremely happy love songs.
  47. Liza with a ‘K’In her latest act, performance artist Karen Finley channels Liza Minnelli. Think of it as a tribute to New York’s irrepressible spirit.
  48. Top Five Theater FestivalsTheater-festival season brings in hundreds of new plays.
  49. Liev a LittleThanks to the sorry state of the economy, the belt-tightening Public Theater will stage only one Shakespeare in the Park production this year […]
  50. Top 5 Performances in Gay TheaterWhat’s onstage for Gay Pride Week? Don’t be stonewalled.
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