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  1. Natalie Portman on Her Toughest Scene to DirectShe still nailed it.
  2. Natalie Portman Had to Learn How to Be AssertiveJust one of many challenges she faced as a first-time filmmaker.
  3. This Sneaky Airline Fee Affects Families the MostIf you want to guarantee a seat next to your kid, you may have to pay up.
  4. This Summer Camp Detoxes Adults From Their Addictive DevicesCampers relinquish their devices the minute they arrive and spend the weekend like when they were kids.
  5. Male Olympic Divers and the Explicit Content That Wasn’tIt just looks weird.
  6. Flying Golfcarts Are a Thing That ExistsAnd they cost about $200,000.
  7. This Mind-Bending Artwork Is Actually a Harsh Critique of AmericaLook again.
  8. The 5 Most Feminist Moments in Netflix’s Hit Summer Show Stranger ThingsPretty much everything Eleven does.
  9. This British Defense Contractor Wants to ‘Grow’ DronesBe afraid.
  10. This Invention Makes It Easier for People With Disabilities to Go SwimmingIt involves an “amphibious wheelchair.”
  11. Daniel Radcliffe’s Dad Reads All His ScriptsIt’s paying off.
  12. Delegates Weigh In on a Bill Clinton White HouseWhat will he do back in the White House?
  13. These People Are Voting for a 3rd PartyEven if it leads to a Trump presidency.
  14. Athletes Are Refusing to Stay in the Olympic VillageRemember Sochi?
  15. A Group of Protesters Burned a Flag Outside the Convention Center in ClevelandWatch the live video of the protest.
  16. People at the RNC Are Breaking Party Lines to Eat at Food TrucksBecause who doesn’t love food?
  17. This Woman Decorates Cookies So Artfully You’d Feel Guilty Eating ThemYou should eat them anyway, though.
  18. Black Lives Matter Protesters Clash With Trump Supporters in Downtown ClevelandIt stayed peaceful.
  19. New Male Birth Control Claims to Stop SpermThat’s one scary-looking light switch.
  20. 3 Convincing Scientific Reasons to Sleep NakedIf you can stomach it, there’s science here.
  21. Kids Successfully Sent a Stuffed Animal to SpaceUnfortunately, he’s now MIA.
  22. There Are Some Very Unsettling Things Happening on Pokémon Go So FarIncluding robberies, dead bodies, and the loss of jobs.
  23. This Guy Hacked a Bike and Turned It Into a Little CarIt actually looks fun to drive.
  24. A Disturbingly In-Depth Look at Exactly What Happens When a Mosquito Bites YouTurns out they don’t have the best aim.
  25. A Disturbingly In-Depth Look at Exactly What Happens When a Mosquito Bites YouTurns out they don’t have the best aim.
  26. Have Scientists Finally Found a Way to Make Chocolate Better for You?Delicious, delicious science.
  27. Everything We Know So Far About the Next iPhoneNo headphone jack?
  28. Taste-Testing the New Kellogg’s Cereal CaféCritic Adam Platt and Grub’s Sierra Tishgart try the chef-driven bowls.
  29. Your Inner Neat Freak Will Love Watching This Laser Clean a Baking TrayUnfortunately, unless you’ve got $45,000, you won’t be able to try this at home.
  30. Hot Topic Has a Suicide Squad Clothing Line Cosplaying is now as simple as a trip to the mall.
  31. Airbnb Could Be Making Your Apartment More ExpensiveIt makes finding an apartment harder.
  32. This Wristband Tells You Exactly When to Stop DrinkingGood-bye, hangovers.
  33. James Harden Mercilessly Dunks on a Kid in One-on-One With a Trick PlayThe boy took it well.
  34. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  35. Watch the Edward Snowden Robot Visit New York Magazine’s OfficesIt was a virtual tour.
  36. Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano Got Touchy-FeelyThings got physical.
  37. Original Video
    This 3-D Food Printer Actually Makes Pizza So You Don’t Have ToWhy cook when you can just sit on your couch?
  38. Donald Trump’s Reaction to Brexit Will Surprise Exactly NobodyHe thinks it’s a “great thing.”
  39. 5 Crazy 3-D-Printed Things That Actually ExistWelcome to your future.
  40. Obama Is Now the First Sitting U.S. President to Call Himself a FeministLet’s hope we’ll hear it more now.
  41. Fireflies Are Disappearing, and It’s Probably Our FaultNo, it’s not because you caught and bottled too many of them as a child.
  42. A Bunch of Stars Told Us Their Morning RoutinesFred Armisen needs his Grape Nuts.
  43. Simon Cowell Said This Girl Is the Next Taylor Swift (It Was a Compliment)This ukulele-strumming 12-year-old blew away all the judges on America’s Got Talent.
  44. An Environmental Defense of Peeing in the ShowerThis could save hundreds of gallons of water each year.
  45. An Environmental Defense of Peeing in the ShowerThis could save hundreds of gallons of water each year.
  46. Donald Trump’s Lavish Homes Are Gaudy BehemothsYou can never own too many.
  47. Millions of People Online Designed This Beautiful Swedish HouseWelcome to the “House of Clicks.”
  48. This Crazy VR Theme Park Lets You Play Laser Tag in 5-DA VR theme with 5-D laser tag is due out in 2017 and it could change the way people play video games forever.
  49. This Machine Prints Beautiful Images of Whatever You Want on Your CoffeeYou probably didn’t even know you needed a latte-art printer.
  50. This Map Shows How Hard a Trump Victory Would BeIt’s not looking good.
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