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  1. coronavirus
    Prominent Study Showing Severe Hydroxychloroquine Risk Is RetractedThe influential medical journal The Lancet pulled its paper asserting that the drug was associated with higher mortality in coronavirus patients.
  2. george floyd protests
    De Blasio: I Have Not Seen Videos of NYPD Attacking ProtestersThe mayor praised the NYPD for showing “restraint” at protests, despite viral clips to the contrary. He was later booed at a George Floyd memorial.
  3. protests
    Protests of George Floyd’s Killing Have Gone GlobalDemonstrators around the world are invoking the names of Americans killed by police and taking issue with police violence in their own countries.
  4. florida man
    Trump’s Voter Registration Mistake Is What He’d Call FraudHe had to correct his Florida voter registration after initially listing the White House, which is not in Florida, as his “legal residence.”
  5. coronavirus
    The NBA Will Reportedly Return on July 31Only 22 teams will be invited to continue the NBA season. The Knicks aren’t one of them.
  6. white house
    All the Absurd Details About Trump’s Church Photo OpIvanka reportedly hatched the idea, Bill Barr ordered the clearing of the park, and no one thought about what Trump would do in front of the church.
  7. new york city
    Cuomo Claims He Could Remove de Blasio — But We’re ‘Not at That Point’The governor said Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of looting in NYC Monday was a “disgrace.”
  8. politics
    Trump Denounced for Using the Bible As a PropThe violent clearing of peaceful protesters so Trump could awkwardly pose with the Bible is drawing condemnation from religious and political leaders.
  9. new york city
    More Chaos and Looting on First Night of NYC CurfewAfter an 11 p.m. curfew was ignored by looters Monday, an 8 p.m. curfew was put in place for Tuesday.
  10. protests
    Trump Calls Governors ‘Weak,’ Tells Them to ‘Dominate’ ProtestersIf governors don’t get tough, they’re going to “look like a bunch of jerks,” Trump told them in a Monday phone call.
  11. new york city
    Looters Hit Luxury Retailers in Lower Manhattan After a Day of Peaceful ProtestsMayor Bill de Blasio blamed the looting on a “small number of violent protesters” who will be handled “very, very aggressively.”
  12. breonna taylor
    Louisville Is Still Demanding Justice for Breonna TaylorUnlike in George Floyd’s case, there were no massive protests when the 26-year-old was killed by police in her home in March. That changed last week.
  13. george floyd
    Police Spar With Protesters for 6th Straight Night: Live UpdatesNationwide protests have expanded and intensified in response to George Floyd’s death, with violence reported in dozens of cities.
  14. coronavirus
    Coronavirus in New York: Latest UpdatesMayor De Blasio is warning New Yorkers that they may have to “improvise” when it comes to their transportation.
  15. new york
    Watch: Chris Rock and Rosie Perez Want You to Wear a MaskAndrew Cuomo had the two Brooklyn actors at his daily presser Thursday. They’ll soon make PSAs encouraging New Yorkers to wear masks.
  16. george floyd
    Minneapolis Faces Third Night of Protests Following George Floyd’s KillingDemonstrators and police clashed for the third day in a row, following the death of George Floyd in police custody.
  17. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Stimulus Debit CardsRoughly 4 million Americans are getting paid on a debit card. Recipients complain that the system is buggy, and the mailing looks like a scam.
  18. the media
    Watch: Testy CNBC Anchors Clash Over Coronavirus Death Toll“100,000 people died, Joe, and all you did was try to help your friend, the president.”
  19. donald trump
    Husband of Late Scarborough Staffer Asks Twitter to Delete Trump ConspiracyIn a letter to Jack Dorsey, Timothy J. Klausutis writes that Trump has “perverted” his wife’s memory for “perceived political gain.”
  20. ahmaud arbery
    DOJ Investigating Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder As Possible Hate CrimeThe feds will also probe the handling of Arbery’s killing by local law enforcement.
  21. donald trump
    Trump’s Weekend: Golf, a Murder Accusation, and Scant Mention of the PandemicThe president was more interested in “exercise,” conspiracy theories, and his bullying pulpit than Memorial Day or the coronavirus death toll.
  22. vision 2020
    Why Do Democrats Keep Embarrassing Themselves on ‘The Breakfast Club’?“If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Joe Biden said on the hip-hop morning show.
  23. politics
    Trump Campaign Crooks: Where Are They Now?Checking in with Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone on the day of Michael Cohen’s release to home confinement.
  24. coronavirus
    Photos: Graduating in the Time of the CoronavirusFrom socially distanced ceremonies on a NASCAR track to virtual graduations at home, the class of 2020 is graduating in some novel ways.
  25. out of stock
    Due to Coronavirus, These Products Are Suddenly Impossible to FindConsider yourself lucky if you’ve been able to buy a bike, kettlebell, or webcam during the pandemic.
  26. inspector general purge
    Pompeo Says IG Should Have Been Fired ‘Some Time Ago’ But Won’t Say WhyThe secretary of state denies that he was retaliating against the inspector general, who was reportedly investigating him over multiple issues.
  27. coronavirus
    Photos of Life in Italy As Lockdown LiftsPrime Minister Giuseppe Conte says Italy is taking a “calculated risk” by reopening, but it’s one the country must “accept.”
  28. coronavirus
    These Are the States Opening Back Up for BusinessAmericans in many of states can now get a haircut, go to the gym, or sit down at a restaurant, though restrictions are still in place.
  29. coronavirus
    Promising Early Stage Vaccine Trial Sends Stocks SoaringEight healthy patients who received the vaccine developed antibodies at levels similar to those who’ve recovered from COVID-19.
  30. tara reade
    PBS Asked Former Biden Staffers About Tara Reade. Here’s What We Learned.Some former staffers contradicted Reade’s account of her time in Biden’s office, but they also acknowledged this does not invalidate her claim.
  31. politics
    Trump Uncovers ‘Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History,’ Yet AgainObamagate is at least the third “scandal” to take the title — and somehow Trump is always the victim.
  32. coronavirus
    The U.S. Is Seeing ‘Signs of a Slowing Epidemic’Falling rates of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths provide signs of hope.
  33. coronavirus
    Stuffed Pandas and Blow-up Dolls: How Restaurants Are Maintaining Diner DistanceThe next time you go to a restaurant, you may be sitting next to a creepy mannequin.
  34. coronavirus
    Scenes From a Bizarre Senate Hearing on CoronavirusCome for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony, stay for Tim Kaine’s train-robber look, Lamar Alexander’s dog, and a peek at Bernie Sanders’s home office.
  35. stimulus legislation
    Why Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check Isn’t Here YetThe deadline to give the IRS direct-deposit information is Wednesday at noon.
  36. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the White House Coronavirus OutbreakTwo staffers have tested positive, and several officials are under self-quarantine, now that the virus has arrived at the White House.
  37. coronavirus
    The Person Who Serves Trump His Meals Tests Positive for the CoronavirusAfter one of Trump’s personal valets became ill, the president and vice-president tested negative.
  38. coronavirus
    The FDA Has Approved a Coronavirus Vaccine for Phase Two TrialThe company says it could start phase three this summer and bring a vaccine to market by early 2021.
  39. supreme court
    Someone Flushed During the Supreme Court’s Oral Argument LivestreamEven brilliant legal minds struggle with the “mute” button.
  40. coronavirus
    Scenes From the Subway ShutdownThe New York City subway executed its first-ever overnight shutdown early Wednesday. This is what it looked like.
  41. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About Coronavirus Antibody TestsThe tests, which could show some amount of immunity to COVID-19, will be a key part of understanding how much the virus has spread.
  42. coronavirus
    More Contagious Form of Coronavirus Quickly Becoming Dominant Strain, Study SaysThe mutation is an “urgent concern” with implications for the development of a vaccine, Los Alamos researchers write.
  43. coronavirus
    Carnival Cruise Line Plans to Set Sail at the Start of AugustThe world’s largest cruise company decides it will soon be safe enough to go back in the water.
  44. vision 2020
    Trump Campaign Reportedly Orders Red ‘Trump-Branded’ Face MasksMove over, MAGA hat.
  45. coronavirus
    Mandatory Umbrella Use and Other Social-Distancing Hacks From Around the WorldHow some towns are encouraging, and enforcing, social distancing.
  46. coronavirus
    Elon Musk Rips ‘Fascist’ Quarantine Orders“This is not democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom,” Musk said on a Tesla earnings call.
  47. coronavirus
    De Blasio Blasted for Calling Out ‘Jewish Community’ After Crowded FuneralThe mayor was accused of “scapegoating Jews” and “inviting antisemitism.”
  48. the media
    NYT’s Response to Hannity’s Demand for Apology: ‘No’The Fox News host has threatened to sue the Times over several columns about his comments on the coronavirus.
  49. coronavirus
    Face Mask Merch Has, Inevitably, ArrivedYou too can be a responsible citizen while showing love for your favorite cartoon character or hapless local NBA franchise.
  50. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About CARES Act Expanded Unemployment BenefitsWho qualifies? How much can you get? And when will they arrive?
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