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  1. politics
    Conservative Reactions to Trump Crowd’s ‘Send Her Back’ ChantRanging from “the chant was terrible” to “Trump should make it his 2020 campaign slogan.”
  2. el chapo
    El Chapo Sentenced to Life in Prison, Likely Headed to ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’The Feds aren’t taking any chances with the known escape artist and will likely send him to a supermax prison in Colorado.
  3. jeffrey epstein
    Lawyer: Epstein’s Abuse Continued While He Was on Work Release From JailBrad Edwards, who is representing some of Epstein’s accusers, says one woman claims Epstein coerced her into sex while he was “in jail.”
  4. eric garner
    Officer Won’t Face Federal Charges in Eric Garner’s DeathA day before the five-year anniversary of Garner’s death, the DOJ lets Daniel Pantaleo off the hook.
  5. just asking questions
    Author James Patterson on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Unbelievable’ CrimesThe best-selling novelist wrote a book about Epstein in 2016. People are finally paying attention.
  6. jeffrey epstein
    What We Learned From Jeffrey Epstein’s Bail HearingA mysterious passport, “piles of cash,” and some information on Epstein’s finances.
  7. immigration
    New Trump Rule Would Virtually End Asylum for Central AmericansThe rule, which is sure to face legal challenges, would not allow anyone who has passed through another country to claim asylum in the U.S.
  8. jeffrey epstein
    What We Learned From James Patterson’s Jeffrey Epstein BookAccording to Filthy Rich, Epstein has odd physical characteristics, used a camera hidden in a clock, and rejected a 23-year-old as too old.
  9. jeffrey epstein
    Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Defends His Role in Jeffrey Epstein CaseIn a press conference Wednesday, Acosta said were it not for his office, Epstein would have walked free.
  10. alex acosta
    Can Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Survive the Epstein Scandal?Calls for his resignation have accelerated this week, but a source claims there’s “zero” chance Trump will fire him.
  11. jeffrey epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein’s Rolodex: A Guide to His Famous Friends and AcquaintancesHere’s how Epstein, who’s been charged with sex trafficking, knows Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and other prominent political and business figures.
  12. jeffrey epstein
    Everything We Know About the Sex Crimes Case Against Jeffrey EpsteinThe billionaire and alleged child sex-trafficker may finally face justice, and his arrest may be making some powerful people very nervous.
  13. jeffrey epstein
    6 Disturbing Revelations From Jeffrey Epstein’s Court DocumentsHe knew his victims were underage because they “expressly told him,” prosecutors allege, and he kept evidence of his crimes on CDs.
  14. special relationship
    Trump Is ‘Dysfunctional’ and ‘Inept,’ U.K. Ambassador Says in Leaked Cables“We are not big fans of that man,” Trump shot back.
  15. fox news news
    Trump Again Lashes Out at Fox News for Not Sufficiently Adoring HimHis relationship with his favorite news network is growing fraught.
  16. fourth of july
    What You Missed at Trump’s July 4th SpectacularRain, protests, and an odd remark about Revolutionary War airports.
  17. fourth of july
    Everything We Know About Trump’s July 4 EventThe “Salute to America” is really a salute to Donald Trump.
  18. fox news news
    Fox Hosts: Of Course We’d Attack Obama and Praise Trump for Doing the Same ThingAfter lauding Trump’s trip to the DMZ to meet Kim Jong-un, hosts on The Five admitted they’d rip Obama if he’d done the same thing.
  19. mueller time
    Republicans Prepare to Badger Mueller at First Public HearingLouie Gohmert, who will question the former counsel, called him an “anal opening.” Let’s hope he keeps it clean on July 17.
  20. democratic debates
    A Brief History of Cursing in Presidential DebatesSome Democrats were playing blue during Thursday night’s debate.
  21. democratic debates
    Kamala Harris Says She Actually Wouldn’t Abolish Private Health InsuranceInitially it looked like she was reversing her position on how to implement Medicare for All, but later she said she misunderstood the question.
  22. democratic debates
    All of Trump’s Bizarre Reactions to the First Democratic DebateAt least he didn’t follow through on his promise to live-tweet the whole thing.
  23. democratic debates
    What You Missed in the First 2020 Democratic DebateSide-eye! Unnecessary pointing! Technical difficulties! Here are all the best moments, in GIFs and screengrabs.
  24. politics
    The Story Behind the Viral Photo of a Drowned Migrant Father and ToddlerThe photo has been compared to a 2015 image of a drowned Syrian boy that drew attention to the refugee crisis.
  25. immigration
    The Story Behind the Viral Photo of a Drowned Migrant Father and ToddlerThe photo has been compared to a 2015 image of a drowned Syrian boy that drew attention to the refugee crisis.
  26. white house
    Is Trump Ready for Chief of Staff Number 4?Mick Mulvaney is reportedly wearing on President Trump.
  27. foreign affairs
    Iran’s President: The White House Is ‘Afflicted by Mental Retardation’Trump isn’t the only world leader who can lob cringeworthy insults.
  28. white house
    What We Learned From Leaked Trump Transition Vetting DocumentsMany would-be appointees had “red flags,” but they were hired anyway.
  29. paul manafort
    Paul Manafort Rescued From Rikers by Deputy Attorney General“Calling this highly unusual doesn’t even begin to capture” it, one legal expert tweeted.
  30. donald trump
    All the Weird New Details About Trump’s Infamous Escalator RideFour years later, Trump’s campaign launch sounds even stranger. But at least Michael Cohen’s call for elephants and bikini-clad women was scrapped.
  31. 9/11
    McConnell on Jon Stewart: ‘He’s All Bent Out of Shape’ Over NothingThe Senate majority leader says 9/11 first responders will be taken care of and Stewart is “looking for some way to take offense.”
  32. impeachment
    Donald Trump and Justin Amash Plot Primary Challenges Against Each OtherAmash might run against Trump, who might back a challenger to Amash.
  33. weird coincidences
    Air Force One’s New Paint Job Sure Looks Like Trump’s Private JetTrump, of course, says he designed it himself.
  34. hong kong
    Hong Kong Protests: Photos and Videos of Massive Crowds and Police ClashesDemonstrations over an extradition bill turned violent in Hong Kong Wednesday.
  35. 9/11
    Jon Stewart Yelled at Members of Congress for Ignoring 9/11 First Responders“It’s an embarrassment to the country and it’s a stain on this institution.”
  36. 9/11
    Jon Stewart Yelled at Members of Congress for Ignoring 9/11 First Responders“It’s an embarrassment to the country and it’s a stain on this institution.”
  37. other people's money
    Trump Cared About His Campaign Spending When It Was His Money — Not AnymoreHe loves spending “other people’s money,” and that’s what he’ll do in 2020.
  38. selfies
    Elizabeth Warren Even Has a Selfie PlanEarly returns suggest it’s working.
  39. mueller time
    Will Robert Mueller Testify? Everything We KnowDemocrats want him to testify. Trump doesn’t. Who will win?
  40. tariffs
    Trump’s Threatened Tariffs on Mexico: Everything We KnowA 5 percent tariff on all Mexico imports is set to go into effect on Monday, and virtually everyone opposes it.
  41. donald trump
    9 Must-See Moments From Trump’s Bonkers Interview With Piers MorganIncluding his denial of climate change and trying on a bowler hat.
  42. marijuana
    John Boehner Stands to Make Millions Off MarijuanaThe former House Speaker is poised to make $20 million if the cannabis company he works for completes its sale.
  43. politics
    Pete Buttigieg: “I Would Not Have” Pressured Al Franken to ResignThat puts Mayor Pete at odds with nearly everyone else running for the Democratic nomination.
  44. special relationship
    5 Weird and Worrying Moments From Trump’s Press Conference With Theresa MayProtests are “fake news,” Jeremey Corbyn is a “negative force,” and other nonsense.
  45. foreign affairs
    Everything That Happened During Trump’s U.K. State VisitHe called out Meghan Markle and insulted London’s mayor. And that was before Air Force One even landed.
  46. donald trump
    Trump Admits Russia Helped Him Get Elected, Walks It Back 20 Minutes LaterIt was the first time he’s publicly acknowledged Russia’s role in getting him elected.
  47. mueller time
    Robert Mueller’s Statement: Full Speech TranscriptRead Robert Mueller’s full statement on the Russia investigation.
  48. mueller time
    Robert Mueller’s Statement: Everything We LearnedThe special counsel is leaving the Justice Department and he doesn’t want to talk to Congress.
  49. border wall
    Trump Facebook Ad Suggests Building Border Wall Along Gulf of MexicoBuild the wall — in the ocean!
  50. rudy giuliani
    Trump Advisers: Rudy Giuliani Is Great, But Also NutsThe loyal Trump attack dog may be a headache, but he’s their headache.
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