Aleta Burchyski

  1. this thing’s incredible
    This Bug Spray Smells So Good My Husband (Occasionally) Wears It As CologneIt’s citronella with lemongrass, vanilla, and a little bit of clove. And it works.
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Multi-Tools, According to Hikers, Adventurers & People Who Fix ThingsThere are options for backcountry adventures, fishing, biking, and cooking. There’s even something that’s not a Leatherman.
  3. this thing’s incredible
    This Billowy Wool Is the Only Thing That’s Ever Stopped My BlistersYou don’t need bandages, gel patches, moleskin, or even special socks. Just a little bit of New Zealand wool.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    This Multi-tool Has a Bit for Tightening Screws and a Pipe for Loosening Me UpClip it to the zipper on your pack for a discreet way to make your hikes a little more enjoyable.