Alex French

  1. politics
    The #Resistance and the Retirement CommunityInside the Villages in Florida, where election tensions are at an all-time high.
  2. He Would Have Stopped the FrisksBut Louis Stokes lost.
  3. The North Shore of the East CoastSeven beaches that, in the right conditions, make for shockingly good surfing.
  4. Sweet Retail, BrahTop gear shops for every variety of rider.
  5. chat room
    Interpol’s Sam Fogarino on His Band’s Secret Sense of Humor and Life Without Carlos D“We can be the silliest, most absurd people, but it’s hard to convey that … “
  6. chat room
    Sh-t Justin Halpern Says About Bleep My Dad Says“[My Dad] told me, ‘The book’s good, but it’s not that good.”
  7. Who Got InSeven parties. Seven guest lists. Seven New York circles.
  8. 10. Because at Least This Newspaper Is Alive and Well“This is a real newspaper,” insists Howard Schwach, the managing editor of ‘The Wave,’ Rockaway’s weekly community newspaper.
  9. 17-19. Because Our Civilians Are Superheroes A car careers into Sheepshead Bay, with two children and a mother who can’t swim …
  10. Gangster SurfCan Bobby Vaughn, a Californian with a shady past, turn Rockaway locals into professional surfers?
  11. Tony Robbins Is DisappointedBut well-oxygenated.
  12. The Impresario of SmutAt The Box, Simon Hammerstein’s louche cabaret, a spectacular cocktail of class and crass has started to curdle.
  13. Brad and Jen: The Quickie BookUs Weekly’s experts had all of a week to churn out 200 pages.
  14. A Tale of Two BrownstonesOne’s protected, the other declared by law to have “no style.” Can the Whitney bring them both down?
  15. Pity the ArchitectIf no one loves 2 Columbus Circle, why stop him from redesigning it?