Alex Klein

  1. verrilli we roll along
    Republican Ad Uses Doctored Audio to Slam ObamacareMakes Solicitor General Donald Verrilli sound unrealistically dumb.
  2. in the house
    House Passes Dead-on-Arrival GOP BudgetA campaign sneak preview.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Norman Mailer’s Son Protests Outside the Village VoiceSon of the paper’s co-founder takes a stand in the sex-trafficking scandal.
  4. shattered glass
    ‘This American Life’ Pulls Absurd Stephen Glass StoriesTough timing.
  5. trayvon martin
    Spike Lee Apologizes for Tweeting Fake George Zimmerman Address“Please Leave The McClain’s [sic] In Peace.”
  6. feel-good stories
    Lamborghini Batman Is a Real-Life HeroCheers up children with terminal illnesses.
  7. slutgate
    Rush Limbaugh Is Back in ActionFuror over “slut” comments dies down.
  8. iranian ninjas
    Iran’s Female Ninjas Are Suing Reuters Britain’s next big press scandal.
  9. sticky situations
    City Council Overrides Bloomberg, Bans Awful Sanitation StickersCity council axes the New York Sanitation Department’s shame stickers.
  10. r-money
    Mitt Romney Makes Layoff Joke, Hopes Humans Will LaughResults from humor scan: negative.
  11. it really does
    Romney’s D.C. Fund-raising Chair Is Named ‘Rich Counts’Yup.
  12. mormons
    Mormons Against Mitt RomneyAntiwar group buying billboards in Utah.
  13. flight 191
    Crazed JetBlue Pilot Fiddled With Cockpit ControlsMay have had a toxic reaction, or been on drugs.
  14. biden alert
    Joe Biden Publicly Thanks Dr. PepperOops.
  15. way back when
    Eric Cantor: The Early Years“I want what I want when I want it.”
  16. trayvon martin
    Watch Rep. Bobby Rush Get Booted Out of the House for Wearing a Hoodie“Members need to remove their hoods or leave the floor.”
  17. verrilli we roll along
    White House Defends Stammering Solicitor GeneralDonald Verrilli’s no good, very bad day at the Supreme Court.
  18. blue humor
    Arlen Specter Compares Romney to Porn StarThe former senator has just one thing on his mind.
  19. Spike Lee Links Travyon Killing to Random Elderly CoupleTweets out the wrong address for George Zimmerman.
  20. air travel
    NYC-to-Vegas Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Texas [Updated]Flight captain starts screaming, “Say your prayers, say your prayers!”
  21. santorum surprise
    Romney Leading Santorum in WisconsinA sign of things to come? 
  22. airplane!
    Port Authority Wants to Fine Fliers for Using Cell PhonesCall it “The Baldwin Ultimatum.”
  23. trayvon martin
    Geraldo Non-Apologizes for Trayvon Hoodie CommentsBut doesn’t retract his theory.
  24. an offer he couldn’t refuse
    Don’t Pick Mitt Romney As Your Child’s Godfather“If I’m the godfather of this thing, it gives me the right to kill it.”
  25. surprising things
    Good News! A Nuclear Blast Wouldn’t Destroy D.C.U.S.A, U.S.A.!
  26. neighborhood news
    Six N.Y. Senators Don Hoodies for Trayvon MartinBlame Florida shooting on New York City policy.
  27. trayvon martin
    Trayvon’s Mother Tries to Trademark Protest PhrasesLegions of online hawkers are cashing in.
  28. the french connection
    DSK Quizzed About Prostitute Ring — AgainJudge moves up questioning date.
  29. occupy wall street
    Revealed: Celebrities Make Lousy Occupiers“The Awareness Experiment” deemed a failure.
  30. trayvon martin
    Anonymous Police Sources Paint Trayvon Martin As AggressorThe Orlando Sentinel has a report that suggests Martin attacked George Zimmerman.
  31. wall street
    Dancing Muppets Tackle Goldman Sachs“Am I a muppet or a client?”
  32. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Is Back — to Shoot Bunnies and Kill Fish“This bunny is small business under the current tax code.” Uh-oh.
  33. santorumentum
    Santorum Says ‘Real Republicans’ Curse Out ReportersYelling “bullsh-t!” is a badge of honor.
  34. neighborhood news
    The Subway Is More Dangerous Than EverLast year, deaths on the tracks jumped 15 percent.
  35. wall street
    Jon Corzine Transferred $200 Million From Customers to J.P. Morgan [Updated]An internal e-mail implicates the former governor.
  36. santorumville
    New Santorum Ad Superimposes Faces of Obama, AhmadinejadApocalyptic imagery, sad kids, and bizarre jump cuts. 
  37. awkward moments
    As Santorum Opens Fire at a Shooting Range, Supporter Yells ‘Pretend It’s Obama’Santorum immediately disavows shouted comment.
  38. trayvon martin
    Geraldo Rivera Blames Trayvon Martin Killing on a Hooded Sweatshirt [Updated]Eminent journalist has a theory about the Trayvon Martin tragedy.
  39. secret muslims
    Newt Goes After Obama’s ‘Muslim Friends’Down in the polls, Newt proposes an “elite media” cover-up.
  40. nypd blues
    Commissioner Kelly Fires Back at the Press Says that the NYPD is under unfair “attack” from the AP.
  41. oh brooklyn
    Brooklyn Actor-Movers Perform in Living RoomsThey’ll move you in for free — but you have to host their play.
  42. oy vey
    Rick Santorum Got Money From ‘Jews for Jesus’Expanding his religious coalition.
  43. trayvon martin
    Sanford Chief of Police ‘Temporarily’ Steps DownBill Lee removes himself from the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation. 
  44. lonestar rising
    Rick Perry Would Rather Not Be Vice-PresidentA tough call for the Texas governor.
  45. trayvon martin
    Listen to the Trayvon Martin 911 CallA recording of George Zimmerman splits listeners.
  46. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street Fights Fire With FecesThe occupation faces down white-shirt police with buckets of bad news.
  47. wall street
    What’s Next for Dodd-Frank?The GOP says good-bye to Barney — and plans to break his bill.
  48. big government
    FBI Furious at Hollywood for Making J. Edgar GayAgents lash out at Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, and logic.
  49. neighborhood news
    New York Cops Frisking Like They’ve Never Frisked BeforeUp close and personal policing.
  50. neighborhood news
    Columbia Classroom Invaders Heckle NYPD Commissioner KellyThe Ivy League gets occupied by rogue NYU students.
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