Alex Mar

  1. cut cover story
    The Cost of Diane Arbus’s Life on the EdgeShe was perhaps the most radical photographer of the 20th century. A new biography and Met exhibit make clear just how much she had to give up to get there.
  2. book excerpt
    The Powerful Appeal of Modern Witchcraft — Even for a SkepticA writer immerses herself in the world of Paganism.
  3. The Baronessa’s DreamFor many New York writers, Beatrice Monti’s Tuscan retreat is paradise—so why would anyone leave early?
  4. Shark WoesKeeping an $8 million pickled fish looking tasty.
  5. Paper TrailThe drawings collector who’s got the art world talking.
  6. Grand SalonA hairstylist’s death leaves a battle for his business.
  7. Gawker’s StalkerCan Jason Calacanis challenge Nick Denton’s blog kingdom? Either way, he’ll pay for it.
  8. Runway RageNew Customs rules have Brazilian models—and other foreign flyers—seeing red.
  9. The New DealersFrom Chinatown to Chelsea, the art world’s alternative Establishment is pushing the boundaries of the white cube.
  10. The Artful DodgerDisgraced dealer Tod Volpe on Jack, jail, and Dede.
  11. Separated at the HipMere months after The Hipster Handbook, here comes another style guide. So, which one is cooler?