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    I’ll Miss You, Design BotsThe loss of Twitter’s open API will probably finish off the accounts that put random visual delights into my feed.
  2. put tab a into slot b
    That Cardboard Bed Was Supposed to Be a UtopiaOlympic-village furniture is just the latest attempt to create a corrugated ideal.
  3. the office
    The Open-Plan Office Was an Auditory DisasterTo quiet the din, consider a 1976 Acoustic Conditioner.
  4. hot topic
    Going to School in a Dead Mall? Not Such a Bad Idea.They’re building types with a lot in common.
  5. furniture
    Hideous? Perhaps. But It’s Time to Accept the Gaming Chair.“To invest in what you are actually doing — where you are actually sitting — might seem like capitulation but is also self-care.”
  6. at home
    Your Quarantine Clutter Has a Long and Distinguished HistoryEmbrace the mess.
  7. design hunting
    A Maximalist Designer Brings ‘Organized Chaos’ to an Angelino Heights VictorianGere Kavanaugh’s collections are central to her home.
  8. Original Gossip GirlsThe return of Maud Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy books.
  9. We All Live in a BauhausThe German art school that closed 76 years ago is still determining what your coffee cup looks like.
  10. The Wall VanishesWas: A boarded-up East Village brownstone. Is: A white-box condominium with nothing to hide.
  11. Live/WorkThe husband-and-wife design team of Commonwealth practices a very different kind of minimalism. One that’s not afraid of blurps and blobs.
  12. The Annotated Artwork: Fuller’s Dymaxion HousesDana Miller says she co-curated “Buckminster Fuller: Starting With the Universe” (opening June 26 at the Whitney) because Fuller’s ideas just ke […]
  13. Modernism Rocks the NeighborhoodTHE RESIDENCE: North Flushing, Queens, three-bedroom, two-bath house. MISSION STATEMENT: “We got stopped so many times once we started cons […]
  14. Don’t Call David Adjaye a StarchitectLauded and pilloried (well, by one client), the U.K. sensation heads to our shores.
  15. Fantasy IslandFive teams compete to make Governors Island an urban paradise. Only one will survive.
  16. The Next WhiteSome new renters are perfectly satisfied with slapping a fresh coast of paint on the walls. One modern-furniture collector took things a lot further.
  17. The Next MonticelloAfter half a century as the most famous transparent private residence in the world, Philip Johnson’s Glass House is finally open to all.
  18. StarchitectonicsAs the Museum of Modern Art’s new chief curator of architecture and design, Barry Bergdoll, who started his job last month, has suddenly become […]
  19. Hiding in Plain SightOne solution to a loft’s no-work-space/no-storage dilemma: Build a room inside the room.
  20. Build It BlackSex, violence, and noir walls at Herzog & de Meuron’s strange new MoMA show.
  21. Flushing in 2016Out in Queens, the far east is booming.
  22. Downtown Brooklyn in 2016Brooklyn (like it or not) will get a shimmering Frank Gehry Crown.
  23. Hunts Point in 2016A green revolution is coming to the South Bronx.
  24. Fresh Kills in 2016Could Staten Island become the California of New York?
  25. Harlem in 2016125th is uptown’s street of big dreams.
  26. High Line in 2016Around the unlikeliest of parks, the new “it” neighborhood is born.
  27. Air and SeaHow you’ll be traveling in a decade or so.
  28. The Brooklyn and Queens Waterfront in 2016Could the East Side of the East River become the ultimate address?
  29. Lower Manhattan in 2016With a new park and starchitect towers (And don’t forget Ground Zero), downtown will become a real neighborhood.
  30. Building the (New) New YorkThe Bob and Jane way.
  31. All ClearOnce a toolshed, now a light-filled, glass roofed greenhouse that’s become this West Village house’s favorite space.
  32. With the GrainA wood-clad urban kitchen full of equatorial warmth.
  33. The Slow-Motion Dream SequenceBuilding an uplifting modernist statement over an auto-repair shop only took eighteen months. Spread out over five years.
  34. The Player’s PenBehind a bland industrial exterior lurks an ultramod, flexibly furnished, glossy-walled compound.
  35. Glass MenagerieThe latest architectural fad: extreme makeovers in glass.
  36. Intelligent DesignIntroducing origami cabinetry—a now-you-see-the-laptop-now-you-don’t approach to the home office.
  37. Fire WallManhattan’s most striking new townhouse guards its privacy with a thin metal skin. On the other side: a half-buried media center, an indoor-ou […]
  38. The New HearthA Brooklyn family combines the modern—restaurant-supply metal—with the primal: one truly working fireplace.
  39. Champagne and MirrorsGlass countertops, glossy wood floors, and a silver sink: Miles Redd’s thirties-inspired version of the glamour kitchen.
  40. Lean CuisineA seamless, stainless, hyper-minimalist space is the perfect non-cook’s companion.
  41. John Bartlett’s Beuys Life“His rooms and vitrines have been things that I always wanted in my home. There’s something about his sensibility that is very masculine but ver […]
  42. Watch the Closing DoorAnd the in-floor Jacuzzi pit. And the see-through bathtub. And the wok hearth.
  43. Brooklyn BaroqueWho says you can’t put pagodas, Pucci ties, monkey wallpaper, a mannequin, and lots of stuffed animals all in the same house?
  44. Grandstanding Architects Were Everywhere—But Only Some Could Build What They Grandstanded About.The cautionary travails of Daniel Libeskind.
  45. This New HouseMaking the new MoMA was not only about containing the museum’s spectacular and growing collections. It was also about making a home for an o […]
  46. Design ScientistEven retail guru Murray Moss—who uses his apartment as product lab—has learned to embrace a little tackiness.
  47. The ScavengerFor her clients, decorator Elaine Griffin buys antiques. For herself, she opts for burlap drapes and the Salvation Army.
  48. His Piano, Her ApartmentIn Rafael and Diana Viñoly’s new loft, the architect was more than happy to leave almost everything up to his wife, the decorator.
  49. New Improved BrooklynA glittering skyline, waterfront condos, new jobs, Frank Gehry buildings galore: Brooklyn is on the verge of a makeover even more extreme than y […]
  50. Roses Are ReddAnd blues are, too. Designer Miles Redd applies his genius for color—on walls, on floors, and in the objets that he finds—t […]
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