Alexandra Molotkow

  1. close read
    We’re Almost Done Raising Pete DavidsonHe’ll be 30 this year! Should we let him grow up?
  2. fiction
    The Girls Misses What’s Truly Scary About the Manson StoryThe book chooses imaginary girlhood innocence over real vulnerability.
  3. emotion
    Teen Music Is Wasted on the TeensCarly Rae Jepsen makes the perfect pop for adults who are still growing up.
  4. books
    Maggie Nelson Refuses to Make Things SimpleThat’s why she’s so good at writing about violence and victimhood.
  5. books
    What Is Loneliness When Friends Are Always Within Reach?A new book has curious blind spots.
  6. music
    The Uncomfortable Power of Pop-Music CrueltyThe Weeknd, Maggie Nelson, and what it means to sing along.