Alexandra Zissu

  1. Take the L to the Tea Williamsburg’s newest children’s boutique offers a cuppa.
  2. We Are FamilyElizabeth Mitchell and her all-ages backing band.
  3. Laurie Berkner at Carnegie HallPlus: Three other mom-rock stars play around town.
  4. Hawking: The BookWorld’s greatest scientist, for kids.
  5. Casting CallFamily fishing at Wagner Park.
  6. A Rebel in PigtailsPippi Longstocking’s creator, at 100.
  7. A Choose-Your-Own AdventureApples and pumpkins for in-city picking.
  8. Greens in QueensBotanical Garden composts in the city.
  9. The List: Dance Dance RevolutionDuring the early years, dancing and parenting seem to be one and the same. There are months and months of getting down—rocking to soothe the lit […]
  10. Don’t Let the Author Get Away! A Mo Willems audience.
  11. Preservation HaulLocavores revive home canning.
  12. Something to Chew OnA workshop that’ll stick with you.
  13. It’s Just a StageFringe Festival, preteen division.
  14. Camp GreenmarketWhole Foods generation flocks to summer farms.
  15. Pour DarlingsRainy-day spots for every type of player.
  16. Monkey-Bar HoppingWhen you’re tired of the local tot lot, these playgrounds are swingin’.