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  1. look book
    The Man (and Dog) Who Constantly Get Stopped on the Street“With Zephulet, it’s as if I were a naked girl walking down the street — that’s how much attention I get.”
  2. look book
    The Tenth-Grader Who Says ’80s Fashion Is ‘Extremely In’“Patches, pins, and embroidery are huge — I recently embroidered an eye onto the back pocket of my jeans.”
  3. The Best Wire-Rimmed Glasses, According to the Strategist EditorsOur own professional shoppers weigh in.
  4. made in japan
    The Cult Japanese Notebook a Strategist Editor Fell ForIt’s stout, elegant, and fabulous.
  5. look book
    The Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Fellow Who Organized in Wyoming“I feel like I did my small part in Wyoming, and next month I’m going to Taiwan.”
  6. look book
    The Dancer-Model-Airline-Agent Who’s Auditioning for Beyoncé“I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me.”
  7. look book
    The NYU Student Who Really, Really Loves Toast“This summer, I’m actually hoping to have a toast pop-up in Shanghai.”
  8. look book
    The Knitwear Designer Who Customizes Her Hat to Fit Her Hairstyle“I can’t wear a regular beanie, so I had to make up a little hat for my head shape. I call this my ‘bunny-clava.’”
  9. flashback
    How I Got My Valentino Wedding Dress for 90 Percent OffI was a bride who wanted a bargain.
  10. look book
    The History Teacher Who Sings About the Election With His Students“I grabbed a guitar from the music room, put the lyrics on the board, and we began by singing ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ “
  11. look book
    The Veterinarian Who Won’t Touch Snakes“A dog or a cat is not going to say ‘Thank you’ afterward, but you know you’ve done good by it.”
  12. sales sales sales
    14 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy, Including a See by Chloe BagWe found great things on sale, including a See by Chloe bag, Levi’s jacket, and 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt.
  13. this thing’s incredible
    A Stress-Treatment Oil That’s Like Klonopin in Scent FormJust a dab’ll do ya.
  14. look book
    The Retired Social Worker From Switzerland, on Holiday in New York“I was really surprised by how respectful people are of one another here. Except when we were having trouble with our MetroCard at JFK.”
  15. look book
    The Artist Whose Hair Is Five Shades of Blue and Green“[It’s] a cyan, a teal, a dark blue which fades to purple because it’s the nature of the color, and a dark blue that stays dark blue.”
  16. look book
    The Model Who Got Back in the Business When She Turned 30“In New York, it’s competitive — especially as a mixed-race person; there are only a few spots for us.”
  17. books
    Ann M. Martin on Rebooting Another Kids’s SeriesIn her upcoming Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure, the kids eat kale chips and their parents have cell phones.
  18. look book
    The Marc Jacobs Intern Who Always Wears a T-Shirt“I just discovered a few weeks ago this typical American brand which is called Hanes. Have you heard of it?”
  19. Derek Blasberg Is the Truman Capote of InstagramThe selfie everyone wants to be in is the one with him.
  20. the strategist
    The Best Travel Shoes: Hers and His EditionWe found shoes that can stand both the airplane and cobblestones, for both men and women.
  21. look book
    The Video Producer Who Matches Her Eye Makeup to Her Hair“My friends all call me ‘Fairy.’”
  22. look book
    The Texan Who Wants to Go Into Fashion“Right now, I’m just trying to model and build up my résumé.”
  23. cheap eats 2016
    In Praise of the Chicken FingerA kid’s-menu-orderer’s confessional.
  24. look book
    The Model With Enviable Hair“My hair really seems to be the talk right now.”
  25. look book
    The HR Director Who Grew Up in Greece“My parents moved us here when I was 14 so my brother and I could have a better life. But my life was pretty great there!”
  26. This Beach Tent Has Made Me Actually Like Going to the BeachI had seen a few beach tents around, and had written them off as being mostly for babies and the elderly, but I changed my mind.
  27. the strategist
    11 Books That Make the Best Father’s Day GiftsFrom Tig Notaro to Don DeLillo.
  28. look book
    The Twins Who Spend Almost Every Day Together“It’s not going to be like Step Brothers, where we are grown up and sleeping in bunk beds. We have to end it sometime.”
  29. the strategist
    Silicon Valley’s Costume Designer on How to Buy the Perfect Hoodie How to sniff out good hoodies.
  30. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Gravy Italian Restaurant in New YorkWhere to find the tastiest veal Marsala, baked ziti, and chicken scarpariello.
  31. look book
    The Artist Who Made Her Dress Out of Paper“The idea was for the dress to look European, but also speak to the history of colonialism.”
  32. the strategist
    12 Books That Make Great Last Minute Mother’s Day GiftsSome options for the literary mom in your life.
  33. look book
    The Retired Stagehand Who Sold Newspapers as a Kid“I’d buy the paper for a nickel and go into bars and sell it for a quarter.’”
  34. look book
    The Art-World Fixtures Who Lunch at The Four Seasons“We have a monthly lunch at The Four Seasons. I always end with the vanilla ice cream.”
  35. collaborations
    Macaulay Culkin and Adam Green on Making Their DIY Aladdin MovieDown the rabbit hole with a cult-favorite downtown musician turned filmmaker and his former-child-star best friend. 
  36. Macaulay Culkin and Adam Green on Making Their DIY Aladdin MovieDown the rabbit hole with a cult-favorite downtown musician turned filmmaker and his former-child-star best friend.
  37. look book
    The Art Adviser Who Lives in 3 Countries“Throughout the year, I live between Istanbul, New York, and London.”
  38. look book
    The Artist Who Wears His Mother’s Coat“There’s a nice continuity to wearing your parents’ clothes.”
  39. cut cover story
    Everything You Need to Know About Traveling With FriendsGoing with a group means you can afford a seaside villa. But will you all like each other by the end of the trip? 
  40. look book
    The Pescatarian Vintage Buyer Who Wears Fur“I thought it was kind of gruesome at first, but then I thought, Well, if I’m going to wear an animal, I might as well wear its face.”
  41. look book
    The Fashion Blogger Who Started As a Model“I knew I wouldn’t be a model forever, but I thought, I don’t know, maybe I’d be an accountant or something.”
  42. look book
    The Professional Boxer Who Has 11 Titles“I was the only girl on our high-school wrestling team — there was a petition from the other schools to have me taken off because I would beat the boys and make them cry.”
  43. look book
    The Attorney Who Almost Always Wears Bow Ties“I found that people would remember me and be like, ‘Oh, you’re the guy with the bow tie.’ And I thought, Well, that’s not bad, that’ll be my little brand.”
  44. reasons to love new york
    The Nostalgic Comfort of Normcore DiningThere is something really great about going to a place that doesn’t have 857 Yelp reviews, where you can actually get in as a party of five without a reservation on a Friday night.
  45. reasons to love new york
    A Clique With a Kennedy, a Matisse, and a TrumpMinor celebrities thanks to the Rich Kids of Instagram blog, they have leveraged their hundreds of thousands of followers to further their personal brands.
  46. look book
    The UPS Driver Who Used to Work in Fashion“I hemmed these pants and would love to slim down the shirt a bit, get it darted, but I’d need permission to do that.”
  47. look book
    The Ceramic Artist Who Has Lived in 6 Countries“I was born in Saudi Arabia — we were actually airlifted out at the beginning of the Gulf War — and I grew up in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Scotland before settling in Houston.”
  48. look book
    The ’80s Rocker Who Doesn’t Go Out Much Anymore“I’ll only go out if I’m seeing a band that I got a demo from that I might produce.”
  49. look book
    The Art Student Who Dyes Her Hair Gray“I want to show that even though my skin is tan, I’m gray, because my mother is white and my father is African-American.”
  50. look book
    The Equestrian Rider Who Worked on the Bernie Madoff Case“It was annoying — not only was he so awful, but there was so much paperwork!”
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