Alice Feiring

  1. wine
    The Allure and Anxiety of Drinking Alone in QuarantineWhat happens when wine for one becomes the norm?
  2. Tough Reservations
    In With the ‘In’ Crowd: A Night With the Regulars at Rao’sA night inside the only restaurant in the world where a Dean Martin song would lead into the Macarena.
  3. Escape From the ‘Dating Game’ KillerHeadlines spook an almost-victim.
  4. Hunt for Obscure Wines in PragueBetter known for its devotion to beer, the Czech Republic is showing it can make some pretty great wines too. Taste for yourself in the country’ […]
  5. Foraging in PiemonteBabbo may serve white truffles, but you can pick them yourself in the Langhe hills of Piemonte, Italy.