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    Bob the Drag Queen’s ‘Wig’ Came Out of Retirement for That We’re Here DanceThe drag icon talks the Selma episode’s outrageously fun wig dance performance, and how the episode’s message relates to the Dave Chappelle discourse.
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    Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster on the Reeducation of Jamie Tartt“We see him learning the lessons in season one, and we see him try to put them into practice in season two.”
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    Now’s the Time to Make The Expanse Your New Epic ObsessionAmazon has gone all in on the former Syfy series, and with two new seasons of outer-space intrigue on the horizon, maybe you will too.
  4. close reads
    The Crown’s Royal Sisters Finally Understand Each OtherAfter years of Elizabeth and Margaret’s bond being eroded by the monarchy, the end of season three sees them finding their way back to each other.
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    Sharon Horgan Had to Get Over Her Tina Fey Worship for Modern Love“It’s the weirdest imposter syndrome times a hundred. You have to sort of slap yourself and say, Just get a grip!
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    Our Lingering Questions About the Game of Thrones Series FinaleOur watch has ended, but our questions have not.
  7. game of theories
    Everything Game of Thrones Needs to Resolve Before It EndsWith only one episode left, this series still has a whole lot of dangling plot threads. Here are the ones we most want to see tied up.
  8. game of theories
    The Best Fan Theories About How Game of Thrones Will EndPresenting all the wild speculation that the upcoming series finale could make a televised reality.
  9. game of thrones
    Our 15 Biggest Questions About This Week’s Game of ThronesHow did we get here? Is it possible to feel sympathy for Dany? Where’s Arya going? These are our lingering questions heading into the series’ endgame.
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    Our 14 Biggest Questions About This Week’s Game of ThronesJust where is everyone headed off to? Which of these goodbyes are final?
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    Our 8 Biggest Questions About Game of Thrones’ Battle of WinterfellWho’s definitely alive, who’s definitely dead, and where do we go from here?
  12. game of theories
    Just What Is Game of Thrones’ Night King Up to, Anyway?With the battle of the season upon us, it’s time to wonder whether the leader of the dead is playing a longer game that may not end at Winterfell.
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    Our 18 Biggest Questions About This Week’s Game of ThronesWait, how old is Arya again? Are we rooting for Sansa and Theon now? And what’s going to go down in the crypts next week?
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    Our 15 Biggest Questions About the Game of Thrones Premiere ‘Winterfell’What’s with all the circles, and what do they have to do with the Night King’s plan, whatever it is? Also: where are those damn elephants?
  15. game of theories
    The Best Fan Theories About Game of Thrones’ Final SeasonFollowing the most-hyped reveal in Westerosi history—the confirmation of R+L=J—the field is open for other favorite fan theories to prove themselves.