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  1. coronavirus
    Everything to Know About the Coronavirus in the United StatesThere are now more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide.
  2. work
    What Is a Furlough?Macy’s, the Gap, Disney, and other companies are furloughing employees amid the coronavirus pandemic. What does that mean exactly?
  3. food trends
    What Is Fluffy Coffee, and Why?Investigating the viral drink.
  4. cheers!
    A Cocktail at 9:30 A.M.? Sure, Why Not.Let Ina Garten guide you through these trying times.
  5. coronavirus
    When Will the Coronavirus Peak?Everything to know about the dread-inducing concept, from what it means to when it’s expected in the U.S.
  6. parenting
    Divorced With Kids During a Pandemic“I want them to spend time together, but I want her home with me.”
  7. music
    What Would Your 17-Minute-Long Song Be About?Inspired by Bob Dylan’s new, very lengthy song about JFK’s assassination.
  8. movies
    Here’s a Very Sensual Movie to Watch While You’re Stuck at HomePortrait of a Lady on Fire is coming to Hulu tonight.
  9. celebrity
    Child in Big Trouble for Spilling the Tea on Instagram LiveMason Disick’s parents made him delete his Instagram, which he seemingly made using a school-provided iPad.
  10. dating rumors
    Ariana Grande Now Dating Just a Regular GuyBecoming the latest celebrity to have a relatively normal human as a romantic partner.
  11. celebrity
    When Did This Kid Get Old Enough to ‘Spill the Tea’ on Instagram Live?Apparently, Mason Disick isn’t a toddler anymore.
  12. coronavirus
    Gossiping Over Instagram Just Got a Lot More ConvenientA new feature will allow users to group-video chat while sharing posts. It will exclusively be used for gossiping and stalking crushes.
  13. celebrity
    Michelle Williams Got Married in Secret (Again)The actress has married her theater fiancé, Thomas Kail.
  14. coronavirus
    Losing Your Sense of Smell May Be a Symptom of the CoronavirusDoctors are calling on people who lose their sense of smell to self-isolate for seven days.
  15. power
    Do Your Census!What else are you doing with your time?
  16. coronavirus
    Doesn’t a To-Go Negroni Sound Nice Right Now?Some New York bars are now offering their signature cocktails to-go.
  17. coronavirus
    What Even Is Time?We’ve lost all concept of it.
  18. video games
    12 Women on Their Favorite Video GamesZelda: Breath of the Wild, The Sims 4, and more.
  19. celebrity
    Ben Affleck Needs to Work on Being an Instagram BoyfriendAna De Armas deserves better.
  20. coronavirus
    How to Have a Group Movie Night Without Leaving IsolationThe “Netflix Party” plug-in lets you stream movies and TV while video chatting.
  21. coronavirus
    Penguins Come to Realize They Are Prisoners of SocietyThe flightless birds were given a tour of their own shutdown aquarium … likely prompting some harsh realizations.
  22. coronavirus
    Idris Elba Tests Positive for Coronavirus“It sucks,” the actor said in a video, adding that he’s currently not exhibiting any symptoms.
  23. coronavirus
    10 Ways to Help Others Amid the Coronavirus PandemicCheck in on your loved ones, donate to relief funds, and offer to help your neighbors with groceries.
  24. coronavirus
    The Cruises Are Finally StoppingFollowing massive coronavirus outbreaks on two ships, Princess Cruises is suspending its business.
  25. coronavirus
    Reckless and Unrepentant Smurfs Continue Their DefianceA French mayor defended the recent mass gathering of Smurfs.
  26. tiktok
    Why Does Beto Always Look So Uncomfortable?He has made his TikTok debut and assumed an awkward crouching position while doing so.
  27. dating rumors
    We Still Don’t Want to Accept This Possible Celebrity CoupleBen Affleck and Ana de Armas were spotted on what looks suspiciously like a romantic walk on the beach.
  28. culture
    Every Part of This Documentary Seems Fully UnhingedIncluding but not limited to a criminal tiger breeder, a mullet, meth, a murder-for-hire plot, and “the Mother Teresa of big cats.”
  29. sex
    Get Ready to Have a Lot of Phone SexThe safest way to get it on during the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
  30. the weinstein trial
    Breaking Down Harvey Weinstein’s VerdictUnderstanding the difference between first- and third-degree rape, as well as what predatory sexual assault entails.
  31. weinstein trial
    Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in PrisonAfter being convicted of rape and sexual assault.
  32. power
    Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson Are in for an Interesting NightThe actress endorsed Bernie for president, mere hours after her boyfriend endorsed Biden.
  33. reproductive rights
    Abortion Is Safer Than Getting Your Wisdom Teeth OutAnd yet conservatives are regulating it as though it’s life-threatening, in an obvious attempt to shut down clinics.
  34. coronavirus
    How to Protect Yourself Against the CoronavirusWash your hands, stop touching your face, and stay home if you’re sick.
  35. publishing
    Woody Allen’s Book Has Been CanceledAfter staff at the books’ publisher walked out in protest of his story of alleged sexual assault.
  36. coronavirus
    69 Percent of Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom?!An incredibly not-nice statistic.
  37. celebrity
    Legolas Is Getting Married, But We’ll Be OkayProcessing a hard truth.
  38. power
    The Incredible Callousness of Bill ClintonIn a recent interview, he called his affair with Monica Lewinsky a “thing I did to manage my anxieties.”
  39. so you want to be president
    Elizabeth Warren Is Dropping Out of the RaceThe progressive champion is ending her presidential campaign.
  40. babies
    Katy Perry Is Indeed PregnantShe teased the announcement in a trailer for her new music video.
  41. celebrity
    About That Photo of the Two Bachelor ContestantsNo, they’re not dating.
  42. attraction
    Apparently, Men Can Smell When Women Are Turned OnAnd according to new research, they’re attracted to it.
  43. coronavirus
    The Pope’s Okay for NowIt was just a cold.
  44. celebrity
    The Beloved Singer-Songwriter Having Sex With HerselfLiz Phair shares her own Sex Diary.
  45. sustainability
    Goodbye Butter, Hello… Larva Fat?Some scientists are looking into the sustainable alternative.
  46. health
    What Happens When You Take a Mind-Boggling Amount of LSDA woman took 550 times the recommended recreational dose of LSD — but the story has a happy ending.
  47. collabs
    I Love It When Two of My Unrelated Faves Come TogetherSt. Vincent just announced a collaboration with … Outdoor Voices?
  48. celebrity
    I Want Megan Thee Stallion to Give Me a Pep TalkA new profile in Rolling Stone proves she’s very good at it.
  49. mysteries
    Everything We Know About the Deeply Suspicious ‘Doomsday Couple’Authorities are investigating an Idaho couple’s proximity to a number of unsettling deaths and disappearances.
  50. boyfriends
    A Taxonomy of New Boyfriend Types for Famous WomenThe rise of the Saturday Night Live boyfriend, the art-gallerist boyfriend, and the chef boyfriend.
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