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  1. power
    Boy Scouts of America Is Filing for BankruptcyFollowing hundreds of recent sex-abuse lawsuits.
  2. crime
    A Barnard Student Was Fatally Stabbed Near CampusHere’s everything we know about the murder of Tessa Majors.
  3. love
    Every Throuple Deserves a Bathroom With Three SinksMay they all be so lucky as this three-person couple on House Hunters.
  4. crime
    For Hours, Photos of a 17-Year-Old Girl’s Brutal Murder Were on InstagramMonths after Bianca Devins was killed, the suspect in the case has pleaded guilty to her murder.
  5. celebrity
    This Man Simply Cannot Stop Talking About His Marital Sex LifeHe loves it!
  6. power
    A Celebrated French Writer Has Been Charged with PedophiliaAfter decades of writing about sexually abusing children — to widespread acclaim — Gabriel Matzneff will stand trial.
  7. college admissions scandal
    Finally, We Have Olivia Jade’s Fake College RésuméThe application claims that Jade is a “highly talented” champion rower.
  8. oscars 2020
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Really Went for It at the OscarsLook closely at her dress.
  9. oscars 2020
    Guess Which Oscars Gift Was Inspired by Leo DiCaprio?This year’s goodie bags are reportedly worth $225,000 each.
  10. mysteries
    Everything We Know About the Deeply Suspicious ‘Doomsday Couple’Authorities are investigating an Idaho couple’s proximity to a number of unsettling deaths and disappearances.
  11. oscars 2020
    The Best Oscars Accessory Is a Turkey SandwichBrava, Julia Butters.
  12. climate change
    Antarctica Is Hotter Than EverThe continent known for glaciers and penguins just logged its highest temperature on record.
  13. harvey weinstein
    Weinstein Once Said He ‘Sometimes’ Didn’t Know When Sex Was ConsensualIn the 1990s, Weinstein allegedly admitted that sexual encounters could be “confusing for [him], too.”
  14. celebrity
    Wait, Keanu Reeves Has Been Dating His Cool Girlfriend for ‘Several’ Years?How did he and Alexandra Grant hide this for so long?
  15. cut opinion pages
    Look at This Incredibly Sexy BirdShe goes by secretary bird.
  16. get it together
    5 Lamps to Help You Feel Like You’re at the Beach All Winter LongLet the thousands of reviews guide your way.
  17. the weinstein trial
    Harvey Weinstein Could Barely Stay Awake in CourtHe reportedly hosted a big Super Bowl party the night before.
  18. male bonding
    What Does Prince Harry Talk About in His Lads’ Chat?I’m desperate to know.
  19. animals
    I Too Want to Remain in One Spot for 7 YearsTake inspiration from the world’s laziest cave lizard.
  20. celebrity
    Meghan, Beware the Eyepatch’d LadyI’d advise Meghan and Harry against taking Madonna up on her offer to sublet her apartment.
  21. dating rumors
    Phew, Megan Thee Stallion and G-Eazy Aren’t DatingWe were worried.
  22. celebrity
    Billie Eilish Would Prefer If You Did Not Impersonate HerShe is not a fan of the YouTubers pretending to be her.
  23. celebrity friendships
    I Love Harry Styles and Lizzo’s Wholesome FriendshipThey sang together in Miami last night, and it was very charming.
  24. crime
    Man Accused of Killing Estranged Wife Declared DeadFotis Dulos, a Connecticut man who was charged with murdering Jennifer Dulos, died following a suicide attempt earlier this week.
  25. power
    A Woman Who Accused Trump of Rape Is Seeking His DNAE. Jean Carroll says Trump raped her in the 1990s. Now, she hopes to determine whether his genetic material was left on her dress.
  26. culture
    What Is the Best Obscure Emoji?Cut staffers make the case for their personal favorites.
  27. fashion
    Popeyes New Fashion Line Sure Looks FamiliarI wonder what Beyoncé thinks of it.
  28. astrology
    This Wearable Astrology Calendar Is Truly PerfectIt also features videos of Susan Miller reading horoscopes over ambient music.
  29. crime
    3 Months Ago, a 25-Year-Old Went Missing. Her Body Was Finally Found.Everything we know about the murder of Stephanie Parze.
  30. grammys 2020
    Wait, How Many Dresses Did Ariana Grande Wear at the Grammys?She changed so often, it was hard to keep track.
  31. emotions
    Justin Bieber Partakes in Two of His Favorite Pastimes(Weeping, and hinting at his marital sex life.)
  32. politics
    Mitch McConnell Keeps Every Unflattering Comic of HimselfApparently, he dreams of compiling them into a coffee-table book.
  33. mental health
    When a Doll Is More Than a DollFor some, reborns — realistic dolls modeled after infants — aren’t just a collector’s item.
  34. immigration
    Trump Administration Will Now Deny Visas to Pregnant WomenAmerican embassies have been told to turn away people they suspect are traveling to the U.S. to give birth.
  35. keeping up with the royals
    Finally, Oprah Has Weighed in on Meghan and Harry’s New LifeShe’s the latest of the couple’s friends to comment on the royal exit.
  36. crime
    Woman Convicted in Texting-Suicide Case to Be Released EarlyMichelle Carter, who was convicted of urging her boyfriend to kill himself over text, is getting out of jail tomorrow.
  37. cold cases
    23 Years After a Student Vanished, We May Soon Have AnswersThe FBI reportedly told the mother of Kristin Smart, a California college student who disappeared in 1996, to “be ready” for unexpected news.
  38. fandom
    Quaint Austrian Village Overrun by Frozen FansEvery year, one million people are reportedly visiting the hamlet with a population of 780.
  39. horniness
    Try Not to Faint After Watching the Normal People TrailerBBC has finally bestowed upon us the first trailer for the forthcoming TV series.
  40. women's rights
    Virginia Just Passed the ERA. What Happens Now?Will the Equal Rights Amendment soon be enshrined in the U.S. Constitution? We spoke to an expert about what’s next.
  41. keeping up with the royals
    Will Meghan Markle’s Dad Testify Against Her in Court?He’s reportedly set to be a star witness in her lawsuit against the British tabloids.
  42. crime
    Why Did a Secret Service Agent Kill a Pet Dog?A man and his girlfriend were out for a walk with his Belgian shepherd in Brooklyn when an off-duty agent fired a fatal shot.
  43. uh oh
    You Might Want to Throw Away Your Thinx UnderwearA scientist found high levels of toxic chemicals in the popular menstrual underwear.
  44. crime
    A Man Went on a Stabbing Rampage in Colorado SpringsEight people were wounded, and a suspect has been taken into custody.
  45. cut opinion pages
    Parrots Are the Best AnimalThey crave intimacy, they help their friends “buy” food, and they dabble in non-monogamy — shall I go on?
  46. hot shot
    Timothée Chalamet Has a New FriendThey were recently spotted together at a gala.
  47. crime
    Only Bad People Need 4 PhonesCriminals. Finance guys who are committing fraud. Otherwise one phone will cut it.
  48. hot shot
    Where Do I Know This Woman From?I think I’ve seen her in Bushwick before.
  49. celebrity couples
    Who Is Beanie Feldstein’s Girlfriend?The actress and her girlfriend made one of their first major public appearances at the Golden Globes.
  50. goop
    Well, This Is Certainly EvocativeGwyneth Paltrow hopes to “reach new depths” in her forthcoming Netflix series, “The Goop Lab.”
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