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  1. this thing’s incredible
    If It Weren’t for This ‘Earthquake Fastener,’ I’d Knock Over All My BreakablesThe mysterious clear goo is incredibly strong, yet also so easy to remove.
  2. best in class
    The 16 Very Best BrasOne pick will “take you from perpetually petrified of popping out to secure, spillage-free, and slumberous.”
  3. best in class
    The 17 Very Best Drawer OrganizersYour silverware deserves better.
  4. deal of the day
    These Rarely on Sale, Fall-Ready Docs Are Now 40 Percent OffFor under $100, you too could look like a member of the Clash.
  5. best in class
    The 15 Very Best Body Lotions for Dry SkinIncluding everyday options, lotions for dry sensitive skin, and products to specifically treat inflamed dry skin and dryness caused by eczema.
  6. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Loafers for WomenIncluding a pair that looks like Celine for a tenth of the price.
  7. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Plus-Size Black Work Pants for WomenTo last you through your 9–5 (and beyond).
  8. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Dish RacksNo more soggy countertops.
  9. best in class
    The Very Best Waterproofers for Shoes and BootsFrom the “the crème de la crème of shoe care” to the wax that will “weatherproof the hell out of those Blundstones.”
  10. deal of the day
    Patagonia’s Much-Beloved Baggies Are on Sale for Just $45It’s actually a New York inside joke that we write about these shorts a lot.
  11. this thing’s incredible
    I Can Actually See Clearly Now Thanks to This Glasses-Cleaning SprayIt’s the only one I’ve tried that obliterates forehead oil, mascara, and other goop and leaves me with crystal-clear lenses.
  12. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Black Work Pants for WomenWe asked women who practically live in black pants during the work week to help us find the best pairs.
  13. best in class
    The 16 Very Best Natural DeodorantsNo, a natural deodorant doesn’t stop sweat, but it does “allow underarms to breathe naturally,” one expert explains.
  14. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Toasters“It’s the toaster for toast people.”
  15. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Electric ToothbrushesIncluding rotating, oscillating, and sonic toothbrushes.
  16. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Silk Pajamas for WomenOne pick is the silk version of the shirt Nicole Kidman wears in Eyes Wide Shut.
  17. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Vacuums for Pet HairEven though your pet is covered in fur, your home doesn’t need to be.
  18. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Lunch Boxes and Lunch GearYour Pinterest-level lunch will stay fresh until it’s time to chow down
  19. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Jewelry OrganizersPut your pearls in their place.
  20. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Storage BinsPro tip: Organize your clear containers ROYGBIV-style.
  21. strategist hive mind
    71 Summer Shopping TipsAn accumulation of proclamations and well-sourced recommendations from the Strategist staff.
  22. deal of the day
    Bissell’s Stain-Killing Little Green Carpet Cleaner Is Now Over 30 Percent OffIt’ll come in handy if you’re always scoping Facebook Marketplace or have a lot of pet messes to deal with.
  23. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Houseplant FertilizersFrom all-purpose organics to the seaweed-based fertilizer that carnivorous plants love.
  24. this thing’s incredible
    These (Better Than Chanel) $7 Liners Are Like Gel Crayons for My EyesThey’re super-pigmented, easy to use, and cheap enough to buy in bulk.
  25. best in class
    The Very Best Curling IronsIncluding one that’s “like Apple AirPods in the curling-iron niche.”
  26. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Kitchen Trash CansNo more wasted space for your waste.
  27. painless shopping
    41 Wedding-Guest Dresses for Every Type of WeddingStarting at $25.
  28. deal of the day
    This Ultraflattering Everlane One-piece Swimsuit Is Now Just $35Wait until you see the back.
  29. prime day 2022
    All the Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Fashion DealsOur most-written-about Levi’s jeans are now 40 percent off.
  30. this thing’s incredible
    This Steamer Gives My Clothes a Dry-Cleaner-Quality Finish Every TimeThe tiny tool has a level of power seen only in industrial-grade machines.
  31. saw something said something
    We Found the Rollerblades Margot Robbie Wore on the Set of BarbieGet a head start on your Halloween costume.
  32. best in class
    The 5 Very Best Robot Vacuum CleanersDelegate the dusting (without hiring a cleaner).
  33. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Kitchen Carts“It’s the Ikea cart that’s doing the most in small-space kitchens across New York City.”
  34. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Laundry Hampers and BasketsFeaturing a backpack “if you’re someone who despises the walk to your local laundromat.”
  35. deal of the day
    This J.Crew One-Piece Is Just $37 for the First Day of SummerYou can’t go wrong with a scoop-neck one-piece for swimsuit season.
  36. best in class
    The 5 Very Best Handheld Vacuum CleanersWe separated the duds from the actually good models.
  37. best in class
    The Very Best MultivitaminsThink of these dietitian-recommended multivitamins as an “insurance policy” for those veggies that sometimes don’t make it onto your plate.
  38. father’s day 2022
    The Best Gifts for Dad (That Do Good, Too)One gadget provides clean drinking water to a child for an entire school year.
  39. deal of the day
    This Never-on-Sale Dior Balm Is 15 Percent Off Right NowBella Hadid’s makeup artist uses it to the last swipe.
  40. best in class
    The 8 Very Best Cordless VacuumsOne model easily sucked up the aftermath of an incident involving break dancing and baby powder.
  41. deal of the day
    These Springy Saucony Running Shoes Are Under $100 Right NowBeat your personal best.
  42. best in class
    The Very Best Women’s LoungewearFind your Entireworld replacement here.
  43. this thing’s incredible
    I’m Dropping My Olaplex Habit for This Oil That Makes My Hair Impossibly ShinyWe’re talking shampoo-commercial shiny.
  44. best in class
    The Very Best Men’s RazorsFrom safety razors to cartridge razors to electric razors to straight razors.
  45. deal of the day
    These Utilitarian (and Unisex) Uniqlo Shorts Are Now Just $30Buying two of these on sale is less than the price of one pair of Baggies.
  46. gifts they might actually want
    The Best Gifts for Mom (That Do Good, Too)Including a mother-of-pearl pendant that benefits the Women’s Prison Association and a shirt that supports the U.N. Refugee Agency’s work in Ukraine.
  47. best in class
    The 10 Very Best Safety RazorsShort-handle razors, long-handle razors, and a giftable set one barber says embodies the romance of safety razors.
  48. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Electric Razors“Using electric razors can be so much better for the skin.”
  49. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Beard TrimmersAccording to barbers and guys with good beards.
  50. best in class
    The 18 Very Best Women’s UnderwearWe asked stylists, rappers, models, and designers about their favorites.
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