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  1. bars
    The Problem With Pints in New YorkWhy are this city’s beers so small?
  2. brittney griner
    What’s Next for Viktor Bout, According to His LawyerSteve Zissou predicts the notorious arms dealer will now lead a “quiet existence.”
  3. brittney griner
    The Queens Lawyer Who Could Help Free Brittney GrinerSteve Zissou (his real name) has spent years softening the image of notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout. His efforts might be about to pay off.
  4. backstories
    How Billie Eilish Rethought the James Bond Theme Song for a New GenerationShe built a blockbuster in a bedroom, so it makes sense she’d record “No Time to Die” on a tour bus.
  5. fandom
    ‘You Ready to Risk It All?’: What It’s Like to See Tenet in a Movie Theater“Do I feel totally comfortable? No,” said one theater patron in London. “But I don’t know when I’ll ever feel that.”
  6. deep dives
    RAD Is Back. Wait, What’s RAD?Nobody saw the 1986 movie about a hometown BMX hero directed by Hal Needham and produced by Jack Schwartzman. Well, almost nobody.
  7. encounters
    Living Through a Pandemic on an All-McNugget Diet“When restaurants are gone, you notice.”
  8. q&a
    Chris Morris Finds the FBI, Sadly, Very FunnyThe Brass Eye creator reinvented himself as a movie director with Four Lions. It only took him nine years to give us a second film.
  9. profiles
    The Making (and Unmaking) of Tekashi 6ix9ineInside the Slovak rap label that gave the polarizing rapper his career — then watched him kill it.
  10. profile
    ‘Slowthai, King of England?’ Meet the New Face of British PunkHow one young rapper is putting a voice to Britain’s post-Brexit angst.
  11. encounter
    Shaun King on Relaunching The North Star and His Online PersonaThe controversial activist asks, “What would Frederick Douglass do?”
  12. chat room
    Damon Albarn on Merrie Land and How He’s Different From Drake“You have the craziest president of all time, don’t you?”
  13. profile
    Tyshawn Jones Is the Future of Skating — So Why Did He Just Open a Restaurant?“Last of a dying breed, they call him. The king of New York! There’s no one like him.”
  14. investigations
    Has Good Time Become a Quickie Cult Classic?A year after its release, everyone from Pete Davidson to Selena Gomez has thrown their weight behind the Safdies’ movie. Is it already a cult hit?
  15. From Michael Cohen to Michael Clayton: A Look at the FixerMichael Cohen reminds us that the fictional fixer archetype is a lot of fun — and a lot of bullshit.
  16. At the Place Where Staten Island Hustle’s Get-Rich-Quick Schemes Happen“We’re like Shark Tank meets Duck Dynasty!”
  17. The One Truly Great Song (So Far) From the Trump EraDowntown Boys’ Springsteen-esque “A Wall” is nuanced, angry, and full of heart.
  18. Why The Disaster Artist Needed the Franco BrothersThe movie can be read as spinoff of the real, public relationship of James, the oddball, and Dave, the cheery all-American.
  19. Taylor Swift’s Fearless Mined Teenage Angst in Real TimeShe was a real live teenager writing about the lives of other real live teenagers
  20. Infamous Cop Louis Scarcella Gets a Hero’s ReceptionRetired NYPD detectives honor a cop accused of fabricating confessions alongside one whose work helped solve one of the most brutal crimes in years.
  21. Introducing the Intimate Bedroom Rock of Soccer MommySophie Allison was an NYU student making music on the side as Soccer Mommy, then a lot of people started paying attention.
  22. encounter
    Coffee and Cigarettes With Kids Actor Leo Fitzpatrick, All Grown Up“It’s the art world I gravitate to more than any other world. Acting’s just the day job.”
  23. brooklyn
    Mos Def on His Barclays Center Poem and Jay-ZOn Thursday, we wrote about Yasiin Bey’s new poem, which concerns Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center. Here is our extended transcript.
  24. where brooklyn at?
    Former Mos Def Poetry-Slams the Barclays CenterYasiin Bey hopes for a summit meeting with Jay-Z and Harry Belafonte to discuss the arena’s effect on Brooklyn. 
  25. 71. Because We’ve Got An Answer to Odd Future.Meet Ratking, Harlem’s new rival to the Los Angeles weirdcore rap crew.
  26. encounter
    Dosa Hunting With Stereogum’s Amrit Singh and Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri“This dude needs a lesson. That is not dosa.”
  27. chat room
    Kendrick Lamar Really Likes His Fruit Snacks“One of the main things I gotta have is a whole bunch of fruit snacks and Fruity Pebbles and Gushers … “
  28. 242 Minutes With Chet HanksLiving the hip-hop life with a lesser-known son of Tom Hanks, who badly wants to be famous for something else.
  29. Veggie-Friendly Weirdo RapASAP Rocky and the goofball new school of New York hip-hop.
  30. Bangin’A hippie-era use of traditional African instruments has become a 21st-century political issue at Occupy Wall Street.
  31. The Rapture at LastBack in 2003, with their dance-punk debut, Echoes, the Rapture “pinpointed an era,” in the words of singer Luke Jenner. But “LCD Soundsystem had […]
  32. sad
    Good-bye, Everyone!Byeeeee.
  33. money
    Can Mountain Dew Save the Music Industry?“I don’t see how an artist is going to able to launch a record without strategically partnering with a brand.”
  34. right-click
    Lil Wayne and Drake Try to Take Attention Away From That Other Rapping DuoHear “She Will.”
  35. the industry
    The-Dream Is Starting an ‘NWA Type Hip-Hop Rock Band’Great news.
  36. clickables
    Watch George Lopez Be a Good Sport About Getting Canceled“Creepy Little White Girl” sends George off in style.
  37. coldplay
    Coldplay Reveal Album Cover, Release Date, Rock-Opera Aspirations“It’s sort of a love story.”
  38. obits
    Warrant’s Jani Lane Dead at 47No cause of death has been announced.
  39. mj
    The Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Has a LineupCee Lo, Xtina, Tito Jackson’s kids …
  40. friday
    Rebecca Black Was On America’s Got Talent Very BrieflySee the video.
  41. dark knight rises
    Meet the Hero Paparazzo Taking Photos of The Dark Knight RisesAnd hear his tale.
  42. not bffs
    J. Cole Is Still Waiting on His Jay-Z VerseCome on, Jay.
  43. kellz
    R. Kelly Addresses Fans After Throat Surgery, Coughs a LotSee the video!
  44. nostalgia fact-check
    Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Does Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise Hold Up?“Look at the situation…”
  45. nepotism
    Get to Know Tommy Hilfiger’s Rapping Son, Rich Hil“You know Stephanie Seymour? One time her son had a sleepover [at FAO Schwartz]. I wasn’t invited.”
  46. trailer mix
    Coriolanus Trailer: Ralph Fiennes Does Shakespeare and WarSee the trailer!
  47. money
    Ashton Kutcher Is Making $500,000 Less Than Charlie Sheen Per EpisodeWhich means he’s making …
  48. london calling
    London Riots Affect U.K. Indie Labels“All the stock we got left is sitting in our office. Devastated is the word.”
  49. apes
    Can Rise of the Planet of the Apes Birth a Catchphrase?There’s one promising contender …
  50. trailer mix
    Weird Vibes Trailer: MTV’s Still In the Music BusinessSee the trailer!
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