Amy Lombard

  1. Shots of Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Alexis Bledel, and Many More in Our Tribeca StudioThe casts of The Handmaid’s Tale and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt visited us.
  2. tribeca film festival 2016
    49 Best Shots From Our Tribeca Photo StudioNicole Kidman, Maisie Williams, Susan Sarandon, and more all paid a visit to our studio.
  3. style tribes
    Inside Lilly Pulitzer’s Pink-and-Green HeadquartersFreeze-dried palm trees, employees in matching jumpsuits, tropical mood boards, and so much more.
  4. style tribes
    Style Tribes: The Fearless Buyers of Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange NYCTales of Broad City, vintage coats, and a vibrator in a tennis shoe. 
  5. slideshow
    Mattress-Carrying Rape Protesters Take Columbia by StormThey left 28 mattresses on the university president’s doorstep.
  6. Style Tribe: Miley Brings Out Brooklyn’s BangerzChatting with the fans at Barclays Center on Saturday night.
  7. Photos: Doctor Who Fandom Spans GenerationsThe show debuted in 1963, and its fans run from young to old.
  8. Style Tribe: The New York Witch FestivalRemember: Not every witch lives in Salem.
  9. style tribes
    Style Tribe: The Bridget Jones Midnight Sisterhood“Emotional fuckwittage” forbidden.
  10. but is it art?
    Photos: Wander Into a Crazy, Life-Size Barbie Dreamhouse“It was this giant pink wasteland in the middle of East Berlin.”
  11. cat ladies
    See the Stylish Cats of the Algonquin Cat Fashion ShowYou look meow-velous, dahling.
  12. bronies before honies
    Style Tribe: The Grown-up Kids of BronyConTranslation: A massive gathering of people who like to dress up like My Little Pony characters.
  13. style tribes
    Copping Stevie’s Style at the Fleetwood Mac ConcertFlowy boho beauties and men in tie-dye.
  14. style tribes
    Photos: The Neo-Victorian Women of Steampunk’s World FairThree whole days of horns, goggles, face paint, and retro-futuristic dress.
  15. the tiniest divas
    This Dog Beauty Pageant Was the Best Fashion Weekend ShowDon’t worry, we took pictures.
  16. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Football FemmesFive-inch heels and sequined jerseys at a Giants tailgate.