Amy Preiser

  1. mostess
    Breakfast Parties Are a Hosting Gateway DrugBuy two dozen bagels, and boom: You’re a domestic goddess.
  2. inspiration board
    11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Party InspirationTablescapes for days.
  3. the most important people in the world
    Celebrities Love Halloween Just As Much As Children, Gay DudesWe asked every celebrity we’ve run into over the past few weeks what they’ll be wearing tomorrow night.
  4. party chat
    Alicia Silverstone Will Teach You How to PoopFrom ‘Clueless’ star to bowel whisperer.
  5. party chat
    Piper Perabo Is Confused With Picabo StreetBut she doesn’t mind. People are always nicer to Olympians!
  6. Rocco’s Sordid Past
    Rocco DiSpirito Would Like to Remind You of His Horrible ChildhoodThe multitasking chef is afraid to take the subway.
  7. party report
    At Erin Fetherston Show, Wiedemann, Yaeger, and Boardman Weigh In on Palin MenNot everyone obsesses exclusively over Levi Johnston, a.k.a. Sex on Skates.
  8. Rushdie’s Love LinesBorrowed from an Italian stallion.
  9. Mo Rocca Was a Jr. High Bonnie FullerCool kids: Just like us!