Amy Sohn

  1. TV or Not TVWhen Sesame Street is deemed bad for babies, has the good-parenting brigade gone too far? Or not far enough?
  2. Learnin’ on a PrayerGetting religion to get into pre-k.
  3. Church, Balloon Separation Demanded in Park SlopeParents upset over Christian college students’ visit to park.
  4. The MomblockersWhen father knows best, again and again and again.
  5. The Björn IdentityBaby in tow, a new mom confronts her Ex–Best Friend and Very Last Guy.
  6. SwingersHow flirty are the city’s playgrounds?
  7. A Glass of Wine and a Pacifier, PleaseWhen every restaurant and coffee bar doubles as a playroom, is there such a thing as adult space anymore?
  8. Battle of the BulgurWork-weary Park Slopers flee hippie-era food co-op for parking spots, diet coke at Fairway.
  9. The Urban Etiquette HandbookNew rules for getting along in an endlessly wired, ruthlessly crowded, sexually libertarian city.
  10. The Vagina DialoguesSex columnists compare notes.
  11. Before We Go Any FurtherBeing unchangeably anti-child brings more than a few first dates to a screeching halt.
  12. Open HostilityAre negative personal ads refreshingly frank or just angry?
  13. My Husband, My RivalThe baby likes him better. Is that why I’m pissed off?
  14. On the SlyThink you know everything about your best friend’s sex life? Not hardly.
  15. Who’s Their Daddy?A growing legion of SAHDs is finally getting respect at home and on the playground.
  16. A Hundred First DatesFinding love in the lesbian online world can be a grueling experience.
  17. The Devil You KnowGetting back together with your ex might be a familiar pleasure, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
  18. No Sex, No BabySpending tens of thousands on infertility doctors and drugs means nothing if couples aren’t connecting in the bedroom.
  19. A Laptop Never Says NoOnline porn is changing (read “destroying”) relationships.
  20. Red Wine and CigarettesThe strict, unspoken protocol of girl dates.
  21. Back in the Saddle AgainHooking up is not the problem for the newly divorced. Living at home with the ex and the kids is.
  22. The Bitch on the PlaygroundClique warfare in new-mommy circles makes high school look like fun.
  23. Watching the ClockMen are just as susceptible to biology’s imperatives.
  24. The Lying GameIn an Internet-hookup culture, even sensitive guys think they’re players.
  25. The Party’s OverThe sex lives of empty nesters are just great—until the kids move back in.
  26. Diminishing InterestWhy getting married kills your social life.
  27. Behind the MaskMaking sense of Michael Jackson’s multiple sexual identities.
  28. Newtork RivalryWith technology, meeting people is a lot easier than getting rid of them.
  29. Shifting to NeutralNo interest in sex is nothing to get worked up about.
  30. Your Wedding Announcement HereThe ignominy of paying for placement in the Times.
  31. Gold OrientedGetting guys to commit now has a users’ guide.
  32. Civilian CasualtiesThe perils of dating an artist.
  33. Strangers in the NightAfter the bar scene and the Internet, a resort to game theory.
  34. The Gold Digger, RevisedThis version has a whole new rationale for chasing men with money.
  35. The Cutting GameEnding a friendship has an agony all its own.
  36. Obstacle CourseThere’s no such thing as a simple date when disabilities are involved.
  37. The Smug Parents’ ClubMaking babies is great, but aren’t we all a little tired of couples who act like they’ve won a race?
  38. The Meaning of a Naked FingerWhen married men don’t wear a wedding ring, what message are they sending?
  39. Straight, With an AsterickIt’s acceptable—even a little chic—for straight women to have a gay fling or two. But it’s a whole other story when otherwise straight m […]
  40. The Single-Mom OptionTo have a baby, a woman needs a man. But she doesn’t have to fall in love with him. Or even meet him.
  41. The EnablersFriends shouldn’t indulge your whimpering about a flaky guy—they ought to help you see his ambivalence for what it is. Otherwise, they […]
  42. Hey There, GorgeousWhen a stranger asks you out on the street, you’re supposed to run away. But who knows what you might be missing?
  43. Crossing the Party LineCan a Bush voter and a Kerry voter find happiness together? Maybe for a little while.
  44. Four’s CompanyDouble dating is a mostly dreadful custom, but it can occasionally provide a harmless thrill or two.
  45. Geek LoveNot everyone is charming and gorgeous. That’s why there’s trivia night.
  46. Looks That KillWhy dating ugly men can be a beautiful thing.
  47. New WaverersAmong New York couples, it’s increasingly the women, not the men, who can’t make a commitment.
  48. Buddy System ErrorLonely hearts in the city get all the ink—and have plenty of resources to turn to for hooking-up help. But what if all you’re after is a friend?
  49. The Man VanishesMore and more men are perfecting an infuriating alternative to the painful, drawn-out breakup: the disappearing act.
  50. The Girls In Their Summer Hot PantsWho says this isn’t a friendly town?
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