Andrew Cohen

  1. politics
    How to Coup-Proof AmericaImpeachment is over, but the threat to democracy isn’t.
  2. politics
    Will Biden Use His Powers to Crush the Death Penalty?The next president can put capital punishment on the road to abolition after Trump’s last-minute execution spree.
  3. executions
    Feds Restart Executions, Killing in Our Name During a Deadly PandemicAfter a 17-year hiatus on federal executions, the Justice Department had no good reason to execute prisoners this week.
  4. police reform
    The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the Police Protest MovementPolice unions are making it clear they won’t be part of any meaningful reform — and undermining their own political and moral support in the process.
  5. roger stone
    The Truth Still Matters. For Now.Roger Stone’s trial judge did us a favor by laying out the facts in the case against the Trump ally and dirty trickster.
  6. the law
    William Barr Needs Trump Just as Much as Trump Needs HimThe AG nominee wrote his Mueller memo hoping to get Trump’s attention — and now he’s going to end his career pursuing an ideological agenda.