Andrew Goldman

  1. in conversation
    Peter Bogdanovich on His Masterpieces, Womanizing, and Deaths He Didn’t MournA candid conversation with the late director who’s often held up as a cautionary tale of Hollywood arrogance.
  2. this is my place
    Brenda Vaccaro Answers Every Question We Have About Midnight CowboyThe actress on John Schlesinger’s documentary-style filmmaking, what it was like to film her memorable sex scene, and that iconic fox-fur coat.
  3. just press a button
    Fred Williamson Answers Every Question We Have About Black CaesarThe Hammer remembers the guerrilla style of director Larry Cohen and how New York City provided a neighborhood full of free extras.
  4. in conversation
    Joel Schumacher on His Colleagues, His Critics, and His Sex LifeAfter five decades in Hollywood, the late director had plenty of stories — but he wasn’t one to kiss and tell.
  5. in conversation
    Gilbert Gottfried on Smutty Hollywood Gossip and the Value of Offensive HumorIn conversation with the man who’s been called “the ultimate comedian’s comedian.”
  6. in conversation
    Lee Daniels on the End of Empire, Woke Culture, and Why Precious Was a ComedyPrecisely what his post-Empire career will look like isn’t certain, but the perennially restless director is nurturing a number of seedlings.
  7. in conversation
    Anjelica Huston on Growing Up, and Growing Older, in Hollywood“I always thought how great it would be to be a woman of leisure. But I have to work.”
  8. media
    The Rise and Rise and Rise of ABC’s Ben SherwoodHis meandering, joyous — or maybe seriously Machiavellian — path to the top.
  9. The Billionaire’s PartyDavid Koch is New York’s second-richest man, a celebrated patron of the arts, and the tea party’s wallet.
  10. How Could This Happen to Annie Leibovitz?The $24 million question.
  11. Extreme BirthThe fearless—some say too fearless—new leader of the home-birth movement.
  12. How Did Martha Stewart End Up With Howard Stern’s Baby?With her mother’s blessing, potty-mouthed Alexis Stewart is starting an empire of her own.
  13. A Showgirl of a Certain AgeBette Midler loves, hates, loves Las Vegas.
  14. OutcoachedThis week, it seemed like the rest of the world just couldn’t be roused. Faced with a foam-mouthed pack of barking Democratic senators, Samuel A […]
  15. The Doctor Can’t Help HimselfWhen the notorious cancer doctor Gil Lederman cadged an autograph from a dying George Harrison, the world was appalled.But as Lederman scr […]
  16. Guitar and DriverMinnie Driver sings the blues—about Matt Damon?—on a new album of original tracks.
  17. Charity CaseAs Heather Mills continues to preside over the transformation of hubby Paul McCartney into a self-promoting bon vivant, she’s busy deflecting qu […]