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    The Continental Finale Recap: The Grand ReopeningWinston Scott gets his vengeance and ownership of The Continental, just like we knew he would.
  2. overnights
    The Continental Recap: InterregnumThe classic “assemble the crew” episode doesn’t disappoint.
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    The Continental Series-Premiere Recap: There Will Be GunsAn origin story for Winston Scott and the Continental Hotel brings the John Wick universe to television.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Season-Finale Recap: All We Changed Was Oil PricesJoe and Cruz get the job done, but this is just the beginning of much more bloodshed.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: Wheels UpThe closer they get to the finish line, the tighter Joe’s focus.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: Somehow, Heartbreak Feels Good on an Op Like ThisPassions are rising everywhere you look in our special ops.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: When the Intel Is ActionableJoe is at a crossroads with her job.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: Bogies, Bandits, and MarksJust a standard girls’ weekend.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: They Choose It AllThe plan? Throw Cruz right into the den of vipers and see what comes up.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Recap: Everyone BreaksThis episode is filled with so many literal beatings.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Series-Premiere RecapTaylor Sheridan’s western-tinged spy thriller mixes in a bit of Hollywood military propaganda, and it might become your dad’s new favorite show.
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    Perry Mason Season-Finale Recap: See You Around …The Mason crew gets an unconventional win in the face of a corrupt system. It’s far from perfect, but it will have to do for now.
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    Perry Mason Recap: Today’s Newspaper Wraps Tomorrow’s FishWe finally know who our big baddie is as Perry Mason reveals the big picture in the season’s penultimate episode.
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    Perry Mason Recap: Putting the City on EdgeAn unlikely ally and a secret foe bring some serious heat to the case.
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    Perry Mason Recap: Putting The City On EdgeThe trial just started and it’s already back to the drawing board for Mason, Street, and Drake.
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    Perry Mason Recap: Living a Life of IllusionMason & Co. find themselves in a tight spot as stories keep changing and the plot thickens.
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    Perry Mason Recap: We’ve Always Been From HereAs the case heats up, Mason finds a literal smoking gun.
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    Perry Mason Recap: The Illusion of VengeanceNow that Mason’s a full-fledged lawyer, it’s a real treat when he gets back in his seedy PI bag.
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    Perry Mason Season-Premiere Recap: The Illusion of JusticePerry Mason gets his Saul Goodman on and finds himself on the “right” side of the law and the wrong side of justice.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Series-Finale Recap: All the Wisdom You NeedPyre and Taba hope to catch the Lafferty brothers before they “blood atone” more folks on their holy hit list.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Heavenly Father Resides in ThemAllen Lafferty’s story is one of tragic failure.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: There Will Be (More) BloodThe search for the Lafferty brothers just got a lot more urgent.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Out of AlignmentPyre is reaching his breaking point as he gets closer to the truth about the Lafferty brother’s turn toward fundamentalist Mormonism.
  24. overnights
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Blood AtonementPyre is having his own crisis of faith.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Hidden TruthsThe Lafferty brothers seem to have gotten themselves into quite a bit of trouble.
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    Under the Banner of Heaven Series-Premiere Recap: What We Find BrokenMeet detective Jeb Pyre, a faithful Latter-Day Saint and family man who’s woefully unprepared for the double murder he’s about to be called in on.
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    Tokyo Vice Season-Finale Recap: The Bad Sleep WellAs the finale closes, it’s desperate times for our Tokyo Vice friends.
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    Tokyo Vice Recap: On Your KneesSam and Sato’s love story exits the honeymoon phase.
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    Tokyo Vice Recap: Choose the RightThings are (finally) heating up as Jake gets closer to understanding what’s really going on in Tokyo’s underground.
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    Tokyo Vice Series-Premiere Recap: What Really HappensLoosely based on Jake Adelstein’s memoir, Tokyo Vice shares far more than half its title with its de facto ’80s predecessor.