Anne Marie O'Connor

  1. Jewelry Design 101Channel your inner Kenneth Jay Lane with this 23-inch string of magnets that can be reshaped into endless variations.
  2. Vase ValuePosted March 16, 2005The witty shapes and playful colors say Jonathan Adler, but the 3-for-$24 price tag says Ikea. These ceramic bud vases with […]
  3. Designer IcePosted March 8, 2005I’m over generic ice cubes. I mean, they’re so 20th Century! Thankfully, I can now add a […]
  4. The Toaster of the TownPosted March 2, 2005The boring old toaster, long overdue for an update, gets a no-holds-barred makeover courtesy of Pylônes, […]
  5. Beauty on the RoadIf your cosmetic case bears the scars of past skirmishes with Chanel, Essie and Crest, there’s no better excuse to get a fresh start than this s […]
  6. Salad DaysPosted January 4, 2005Salads usually need all the help they can get, but these mod serving p […]
  7. A Great SidePosted January 11, 2005Muji, which is often called the Ikea of Japan because of its well-priced, […]
  8. Walk Like a ScandinavianEven if you’re not a runner, you can get an (almost) equally rigorous workout with this popu […]
  9. That Touch of MinkWhy settle for faux when you can have the real thing at such a great price?
  10. A Wrist WatchThis is a “bridge bracelet”—a bracelet so gorgeous it distracts all the other players.
  11. The Year of the Cool T-ShirtThese T-shirts adorned with the signs of the Chinese Zodiac are so cute that even people born in years of lowly ox and sheep will be into them.
  12. Boot LoungewearPosted February 18, 2005Your boots are working overtime these days, so let them spend their off hours hanging out in some super comfy but fabulo […]
  13. Tray CoolThese trays are perfect for everything from serving cocktails at parties to transporting Chinese takeout for one to the couch.