Annie Ferrer

  1. Sino-CinephilesWhy some American films go over better across the Pacific than they did at home, and some essentially sink en route.
  2. The ClubNew York’s marriage-equality law goes into effect July 25; the mayor’s office is still sorting out how it will handle the nuptial deluge, but ex […]
  3. equal rites
    Trailblazing: A History of Gay Rights in New YorkWith Friday’s landmark passage of a same-sex-marriage bill, Albany added to New York’s long history as a center of progress on gay and lesbian rights.
  4. Elaine’s LibraryElaine’s, which has its last last call this Friday morning at 4 a.m., got its start as a writers’ haunt, and more than 100 framed book covers se […]
  5. party chat
    Liv Tyler Confirms Our Suspicions: Her Dad Steals Her Clothes“Sometimes I see him and I’m like, ‘Nice shirt!’, because it’s from my closet.”
  6. Salts TrippingSold as “bath salts,” the latest very-bad-for-you designer drug has nothing to do with the stuff that goes in a tub. Poison-control centers have […]