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  1. What It Was Like to See Hillary Clinton Make HistoryIn 2016, she’s the first woman to become a major-party nominee for president.
  2. Are Bernie or Busters Becoming the Tea Party of the Left?A movement takes shape at the DNC.
  3. republican national convention
    Peter Thiel Is Pro-Trump, Mainly Because He’s Pro-TrollingHis speech at the RNC didn’t make any sense, and that may be the point.
  4. How ‘Bitch’ Became the Word of the Republican National ConventionThe hatred for Hillary Clinton veers toward the most crass of insults.
  5. Corporations Don’t Want to Go Near Trump’s RNCThin times for the Trump convention.
  6. it’s the economy
    What Trump Backers Really Want From the EconomyIt’s not about balanced budgets or limited government.
  7. the money
    That Raise Jamie Dimon Gave to JPMorgan’s Lowest-Paid Employees? It’s PunyA $1.85-per-hour raise spread out over three years from a man who took home $27 million last year.
  8. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  9. early and often
    Trump Is Right About Trade Hurting American Workers, But His Fix Makes No SenseGlobalization did create a lot of losers, but Trump’s seven-point policy cure is pure crazy.
  10. continental drift
    Brexit: Britain’s Middle Finger to the WorldIn the U.K., emotion triumphed over reason, and Britons hurt not only themselves but everyone else. 
  11. brexit
    How Donald Trump Explains ‘Brexit’The same forces tearing at Great Britain before its big EU vote helped give rise to the GOP candidate. 
  12. dream big
    If Hillary Clinton Wins the Election, Women Really Could Run the WorldCome November, women could run America — and the world.
  13. Hillary Clinton Should Be Worried About This Lousy Jobs ReportA few more like this one could help tip the election to the Orange Man.
  14. How Europe Can Alleviate Its Migrant Crisis — and Save ItselfThe continent’s economy is growing slowly, and thousands are still landing on its shores — or dying in the attempt.
  15. the money
    The Anti-Poverty Experiment That Could Fix America’s Broken Welfare SystemAdvocates on both the left and the right are talking about universal basic income — and its first big test is just about to begin. 
  16. the economy
    We Could Be In for Another Recession, and We’re Not Ready for ItThe government may be unable or unwilling to use the tactics that got us through the last one.
  17. Central Banks Go NegativeThere’s a crazy monetary-policy experiment happening in Europe and Asia, and it might not be going well.
  18. early and often
    Imagining President Trump: A ConversationNew York Magazine’s team of political writers game out the once-fantastical but now quite possible prospect of a Trump presidency.
  19. nothing to see here
    Which Oscars Stars Had Plastic Surgery? Nobody Knows Anymore.Lasers and “mini-Botox” have actors looking more natural than ever.
  20. the money
    Who’s Winning the Great Bernie Magic-Math Battle?Bernie Sanders’s economic plan won’t deliver 5 percent growth, but his proposal might have a lesson to teach Hillary.
  21. It’s Time for Welfare Reform AgainBoth Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are failing to address the terrible hole at the very bottom of the safety net.
  22. the money
    Bernie Sanders Has Started Thinking Like a RepublicanWhy shouldn’t Democrats get to have fun with magical economic growth?
  23. Chris Christie, the Second-Best Bully of the GOP FieldThe New Jersey governor’s run is probably coming to a close.
  24. Trump Sums Up Candidacy With Vulgar Cruz SlamThe moment perfectly encapsulated his magnetism and psychosis, his appeal and his incoherence, his brilliance and his terribleness.
  25. trail mix
    Hillary Clinton Versus Her SurrogatesShe’s been needlessly thrown into a thicket of generational and gender politics.
  26. How Donald Rumsfeld Became an App DeveloperThe 83-year-old two-time secretary of Defense did his own beta-testing.
  27. Good-bye to All That TwitterTwo New York staffers find enlightenment, or at least more time for Facebook, on a turn-of-the-year social-media holiday.
  28. Investors Panic! Stocks Tumble! Is the Economy Falling Apart Again?And if so, what can we do about it?
  29. Donald Trump Would Not Raise Taxes on HimselfIs the Donald actually an economic populist?
  30. What Ted Cruz and ISIS Have in CommonHint: It has to do with Janet Yellen.
  31. Janet Yellen Is Trying to Slow Down the Economy. But Why?She’s just hiked interest rates for the first time since 2006.
  32. Jeb’s Tax Plan Would— LOL, Nothing MattersAnd by “nothing matters” we mean “add $6.8 trillion to the deficit.”
  33. Hillary’s Wall Street Trust GapWhy don’t progressives trust Clinton?
  34. Get Ready for an Interest-Rate HikeIt’s Jobs Day, and the report shows businesses added 211,000 positions in November. 
  35. President Trump Would Destroy the EconomyThe Donald’s (sketchy) policy proposals suggest big stimulus, big inequality, and a global trade war.
  36. Mark Zuckerberg Is Giving Away 99 Percent of His Facebook FortuneAnd he is still going to be way richer than even the richest Americans.
  37. Thomas Piketty Thinks Inequality Led to the Rise of ISIS. Is That Crazy?The French academic draws from his best seller Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
  38. Walmart’s Black Friday SpiesSave money. Sneak better.
  39. Square Goes Public, and the Tech Bubble DeflatesPublic markets have not had the same enthusiasm for tech companies as private financiers.
  40. Unemployment 5 Percent in ‘Hellscape’ EconomyThere must be some bad news in the jobs report somewhere.
  41. Ralph Nader Mansplains Monetary Policy to Janet YellenAnd things go horribly wrong.
  42. Banker Who Quit Goldman Wants to Fix Your 401(k)Greg Smith is president of a midwestern retirement-savings start-up.
  43. Can Oprah Save Weight Watchers?The media mogul and the diet business hope to get fit together.
  44. New Yorkers Get Hosed on ATM FeesReally, really badly.
  45. No, Depressed American Towns Do Not Look Like ZimbabweAre trade deals turning the United States into Zimbabwe?
  46. Janet Yellen’s Hotel CaliforniaWill the Fed ever be able to raise rates again?
  47. money
    How Tax Evasion Is Fueling InequalityA new book explains why everyone should be up in arms about billionaires’ Cayman Islands accounts.
  48. politics
    The Problem With Government HandoutsJeb Bush is worried about too many Americans getting too much “free stuff.”
  49. Uber-for-Helicopters Takes on Pope TrafficAn eight-minute hop from the West Side to the East Side, or vice versa, will cost just $95.
  50. Why Celebrities Love PotAs a business venture, that is.
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