Anya Kamenetz

  1. parenting
    When Your Kid Is the Classroom Problem ChildWhat would you do if your third-grader hit other kids, shoved his teachers, destroyed his classroom, and hid from everyone?
  2. parenting
    Maybe Your Teen Doesn’t Need a Mental-Health DayLetting kids stay home from school can be really bad for them, actually.
  3. relationships
    A Practical Guide to Modern PolyamoryFor the curious couple.
  4. parenting
    Don’t Let Climate Anxiety Stop You From Having KidsThe battle to save the planet shouldn’t be waged over the bodies of women or come at the cost of their personal grief.
  5. torn up and apart
    How New York High-School Students Are Processing the WarTeenagers looking for answers.
  6. torn up and apart
    10 Confessions of Hard Feelings Over the Israel-Gaza War“They don’t stand by me or understand that I feel vulnerable.”
  7. parenting
    How 8 New York Mothers Have Talked to Their Kids About the Israel-Hamas WarHow do you explain one of modern history’s most brutal conflicts to a third-grader?
  8. parenting
    Teens Love LinkedInTo some high-schoolers burned out on FOMO and thirst traps, the networking platform is “the way social media should be.”
  9. parenting
    I Asked 65 Teens How They Feel About Being Online“Social media is a necessity. You take it away from us? It’s like, Oh, wow, we have nothing left.”
  10. black rock city
    A Brief Oral History of a Muddy Burning Man“We were teasing this camp of furries next to us all week long. Turns out they saved our lives.”
  11. q&a
    Ariela Barer Is Sure We Can Fix the Climate CrisisThe 24-year-old How to Blow Up a Pipeline co-writer and star is taking matters into her own hands.
  12. just asking questions
    Should Children Vote, Sit on Juries, and Serve in Office?A law professor’s radical case for rethinking American democracy.
  13. kids and tv
    It’s Okay If Your Kids Are Getting More Screen Time. Really.In the past few weeks, screen time has taken on a whole new significance. Your family’s rules are most likely going to need to change.
  14. parenting
    How to Watch TV With Your KidsMost parents don’t realize that there’s more to kids and TV than feeling guilty.
  15. We’re Testing Children on the Wrong ThingsAre we measuring what we want to measure in education?
  16. We’re Testing Children on the Wrong ThingsAre we measuring what we want to measure in education?
  17. Divey LeagueBreaking the college-spending cycle.
  18. Baristas of the World, Unite!You have nothing to lose but your company-mandated cheerfulness.